Jonny Bravo's Mining Emporium

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Jonny Bravo's Mining Emporium, also known as Bravo Mining, is a mining pool that allows mining bitcoins (BTC). Quietly launched in November, 2015, the pool found its first block on December 15, 2015.[1] In addition to mining income, miners on the pool are also provided periodic promotions, which helps to boost earnings. To date, the pool has given away over 11.5 BTC in promotions to its miners from contests and block finding bonuses.

The coinbase signature for this pool is: "/bravo-mining/"[2]

Reward distribution

  • 0.5% fee PPLNS
  • Payout available as soon as a block is confirmed with 101 confirmations.
  • Transaction fees paid to the miners.

Extra Features

  • Stratum support
  • IRC channel #bravo-mining on the freenode network
  • Support via email (
  • Promotions and contests to supplement mining income

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