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A mining pool.

Itzod mining pool was founded July 01, 2011 [1] [2].

This pool started out using a proportional reward system (your shares / total shares for the round) x (50BTC + transaction fees included in block)= % share of the rewards.

  • On August 07 2011 the Score-Based reward distribution system was introduced.
  • On September 03 2011 switched to SMPPS reward system.
  • On January 20 2012 switched to RSMPPS reward system.

Reward distribution

  • The statistics update and reward distribution script runs automatically when received a new network block.
  • Fee free
  • Pays for invalid blocks
  • Minimum payout is 0.1 BTC
  • Payout after 120 confirmations.
  • RSMPPS: not "hoppable" and low-variance reward distribution system
  • 8-digit payout calculation precision

Extra Features

  • Charts of hashrate, user shares in round and more
  • Detailed real-time statistics
  • Email notification of workers shutdown
  • English and Russian interface with automatic locale detection
  • JSON over HTTP and JSON over WebSocket statistics export
  • Lightweight and fast user interface
  • Password generator
  • Reward calculator
  • SSL

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  1. [100 GH/s pool.itzod.ru - 0.00002959745558 BTC per share (0% fee)]
  2. pool.itzod.ru - Новый пул совместной генерации