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A commercial service that operates essentially as a private pool. The service supports connections only from the operator's proprietary Windows client which incorporates the kernel from the poclbm miner[1].

Compensation is calculated on a fixed "Work Unit" method.


The service had been first operating without disclosing any relationship to Bitcoin. One of the first inquiries into the organization on February 13, 2011, yielded a response that revealed only that Compute 4 Cash was part of a distributed computing project for the financial sector[2].

The compensation received by the users has been calculated to be significantly less than that enjoyed by those mining using one of the public pool operators.

As of Mar 29, 2011, the Compute4Cash payout is $0.089/WU. A Radeon 5870 is estimated to compute 1.150 WU/hr, for an estimated payout of $2.46/day. The expected generation output, at 313000 Khps, given current difficulty of 68978.89245792 , is 4.56406694721 BTC per day. At the current market rate of $.78/bitcoin, the value of the daily output is actually worth $3.56/day, which is a whopping 45% more than Compute4Cash pays out.

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