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Jump to navigation Jump to search, is a mining pool.'s Mining Pool uses own scoring system.

To calculate users payouts we use special algorithm, which chooses eleven members of current round. This algorithm uses random numbers and numbers of shares received from users. (see example). That is, if you send at least one share, you get a chance to earn 25 ฿. The more you send the shares, the greater will be your chance to win at current round.

User Bitcoins
1st 25 BTC
2nd 12.5 BTC
3rd 5.25 BTC
4th 3.15 BTC
5th 1.57 BTC
6th 0.78 BTC
7th 0.39 BTC
8th 0.19 BTC
9th 0.09 BTC
10th 0.04 BTC
11th 0.02 BTC
12-.. 1/(number of other members)

Our pool located on cloud servers in Russia. Also site has got English version.

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