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A Bitcoin block chain browser is an application, typically web-based, that allow users to search and navigate the Bitcoin block chain.

Note that using block chain browsers to check addresses under your control or to which you have sent money can be problematic for your privacy.

It can be a good idea to get software such as BTC RPC Explorer and run that on hardware that you control yourself, and connect it to your own full node.

If you do need to use a 3rd party block explorer, do it through a Tor onion service. For example Blockstream's explorer is reachable at http://explorerzydxu5ecjrkwceayqybizmpjjznk5izmitf2modhcusuqlid.onion/ - or less ideal, through a VPN.

List of online Bitcoin block chain browsers


Local app:

  • orange - local electron app

Older list

List of online block chain browsers (testnet3)

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