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Blockonomics logo.png is an easy to use bitcoin financial tracker. It enables users to watch balances/transactions of multiple addresses without requiring private key.


Instant Search provides ability to search bitcoin addresses on the fly. Aggregated balance/transaction history of multiple addresses can be viewed. A maximum of 50 addresses can be lookedup in one go.

Address/Wallet Watcher

Wallet Watcher can be used by user to monitor all addresses in his/her wallet. User can add public bitcoin addresses and also label them using tags. Dashboard shows a quick overview of balances classified by each tag. Balance is shown in BTC as well as currency of users' choice. Address watcher supports monitoring HD wallet using its extended public key. Account discovery follows BIP 32 guidelines.

Transaction History

Graph of balance is shown for various time periods. History of transactions involved is shown along with the graph. Pending transactions tab shows transactions happening on user addresses that are unconfirmed or partially confirmed (one confirmation)


User can subscribe to email notifications, showing summary of transactions that happened in the last block. Email is sent only after 2 confirmations.


API for searching addresses, automatically updating addresses to monitor in address watcher and to get websocket transaction notifications is provided.

Peer to peer invoices

Blockonomics provides easy to use bitcoin invoicing service. Using this user can accept bitcoin using his own address, with minimal trust on external services. The invoice content is encrypted on browser before submitting, this ensure privacy and security. Status of invoice payment/transaction is shown in realtime. Good solution for merchants, freelancers and contractors looking to accept bitcoin.

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