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Spesmilo english.png
Spesmilo esperanto.png

Python-based RPC front-end for bitcoind/Bitcoin-Qt, which is no longer maintained or active. Reported to be broken as-of bitcoind version 0.6. Principal authors: genjix and Luke-Jr


  • Multilingual: American, Dutch, English, Esperanto, or French.
  • Supports both Decimal and Tonal Bitcoins (and autodetection)
  • Supports bitcoin: URIs
  • Can connect to remote JSON-RPC
  • Can run local "embedded" bitcoind

Current version (0.0.1.beta1)

Gentoo install

layman -o https://gitorious.org/bitcoin/gentoo/blobs/raw/master/overlay.xml -f -a bitcoin
emerge -a spesmilo #(you may need to keyword some packages)

Quick start (from source)

# Dependencies: PySide, ImageMagick
make local

To install:

make install

To install with bitcoin: URI support for KDE:

make install KDESERVICEDIR="/usr/share/kde4/services"

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