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Bitmain technologies Limited is a Chinese IC design company founded in the first quarter of 2013, which specializes in research, development and sales for custom mining chips and miners. We aim to quickly deliver innovative and competitive custom hardware solutions to help the community. Bitmain is able to provide the most power effective Bitcoin mining solution on today’s market.


Bitmain is a team of technologists, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and Bitcoin enthusiasts. Our core members have years of ASIC development experience, and have designed and mass produced several digital signal processing ICs.

We reject some business practice in the community, which is intended to distribute the risk and benefit asymmetrically. We are here to change it: we will not accept pre-order forever before we feel logically 100% sure that we can deliver on time. There will be no unexpected waiting and failed/delayed taping-out or any other kinds of delaying risks for our customers.

We also give you a 24 Month Warranty to all our Products.

We created a myth in bitcoin community: no pre-orders and shipping on time. We are earning more and more trust from worldwide customers.

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