BIP 0021

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This page describes a BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal).
Please see BIP 2 for more information about BIPs and creating them. Please do not just create a wiki page.

Please do not modify this page. This is a mirror of the BIP from the source Git repository here.


BIP 0021
Long titleURI Scheme
TypeStandards Track
Author(s)Nils Schneider
Matt Corallo


PropositionJanuary 29, 2012
BIPN allocationJanuary 29, 2012
FinalizationFebruary 5, 2012
AcceptanceFebruary 5, 2012
BIP 0021 is a modification of an earlier BIP 0020 by Luke Dashjr. BIP 0020 was based off an earlier document by Nils Schneider. The alternative payment amounts in BIP 0020 have been removed.