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Buys, sells, and exchanges bitcoins to and from Pecunix, PayPal, Skrill/Moneybookers, AlertPay and many other currencies and payment networks.

Official Exchanger

Lilion Transfer due to many exchange operations became official exchanger of Perfect Money, Monetto, InstaForex, GlobalDigitalPay and many others.

Lilion Transfer is also a partner of GDCA and GetECurrency, so its transactions are safe and permanently monitored by these institutions.


For now Lilion Transfer accepts following currencies:

  1. PLN - Polish Zloty
  2. CZK - Czech Krone
  3. HUF - Hungarian Forint
  4. RON - Romanian Leu
  5. BGN - Bulgarian Leva
  6. HRK - Croatian Kuna
  7. LTL - Lithuanian Litas
  8. LVL - Latvian Lat
  9. RUB - Russian Rubl
  10. JPY - Japanese Yen
  11. EUR - Euro
  12. GBP - British Pound
  13. CHF - Swiss Franc
  14. USD - American Dollar
  15. AUD - Australian Dollar
  16. CAD - Canadian Dollar
  17. NOK - Norwegian Krone
  18. SEK - Swedish Krone
  19. DKK - Danish Krone


Lilion Transfer cooperates with over 50 banks from 5 countries where it has opened accounts. Transfers are mainly instant in countries of operation. In other EU countries transfers take 1 business day. For other parts of the world it is usually 3 business days.


Lilion Transfer has started to operate in 2008 as a PLN <--> LR Exchanger and next exchange directions startedto grow. Now it exchanges money between 15 national currencies and 14 payment processors. There are 47 currencies and e-currencies available at the moment. First references to the BTC exchange occurred in June, 2011 when the exchange was added to the Bitcoin Trade article. The site's language is mainly Polish, but other 41 languages are also available.

Lilion Transfer is the biggest e-currency exchanger in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. It is planned to start operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria and Croatia up to the end of 2012.

Lilion Transfer is associated with Lilion Group, which is officially registered in Poland and in United Kingdom.

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