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LakeTrader is an in-browser (and hence cross-platform) app launched by LakeBTC, that allows traders to view order book data, trade history and open orders, along with a number of powerful charting tools that allow both technical analysis and one-click trading.[1]

There are three major features on LakeTrader: Live Data, Pro Charting, and OneClick Trade.[2]

Live Data

LakeTrader uses an HTML5 charting library and is fully integrated with the exchange’s real-time API. In a single web page, traders can view live orderbook data, trade history, open orders, and analyze historical trade data.

Pro Charting

There are loads of features available – BTC/USD and BTC/CNY charts in one, five, 15, 30, 60 minute, one day and one week intervals, with styles in bars, candlesticks, lines, areas, etc. You can also draw trend lines, trend angles, pitchforks, Gann box, Fibonacci retracement, ABCD patterns, Elliott Wave subminuette, and so on.

OneClick Trade

The streamlined orders allowing traders to place buy and sell orders with a single click, using the 'OneClick' trade mode, simply set a default order size (e.g., 0.2 BTC) and a multiplier (e.g., ×5), traders can hover his mouse over the Orderbook and an overlay with buy/sell buttons will appear with the corresponding price.

Just click the button and the order will be sent to our server in real time, to use this function, the trader must set a default order size and a multiplier, hover the pointer over the orderbook and an overlay with buy/sell buttons will appear with the corresponding price.


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