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Hashbtc.jpgThis page is a stub. Help by expanding it. BitsOfProof's (BOP's) "supernode" is a Java implementation written by Tamás Blummer (aka grau). The "Enterprise" version is closed-source, but may be open-sourced later. The API and (in older commits) the deprecated "Community Edition" code is available on github.

Tamas describes supernode as:

  • enterprise ready
  • a modern, modular implementation of Bitcoin
  • having advanced features:
    • Hierarchical and Deterministic Wallet (BIP32)
    • Password Encrypted Private Keys (BIP38)
    • easily memorized pass phrases (BIP39)

See also BOP's announcement thread on bitcointalk. Explaining the "supernode" name, Tamas explained: "I call it supernode since it is for the big server of near future, not for the kids, not for the mobiles."