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Trading nameBitcoinZAR
BitcoinZAR Website

BitcoinZAR is a website and blog about Bitcoins in the country of South Africa regarded as the unofficial bitcoin South Africa community and website. The website aims to close the gap between newbies and the technological aspect of Bitcoin through the use of a non technical blog and simple tutorials explained in laymen terms. The website showcases Youtube bitcoin videos classed in beginner, intermediate and advanced categories that users find useful. The website keeps users up to date with the latest bitcoin exchanges in South Africa and their fees, and informs users of how and where to buy bitcoin in South Africa, trade bitcoin, and store bitcoin securely.

The BitcoinZAR Facebook page and twitter profile are used to share bitcoin news and events, especially anything local to South Africa, or the African continent. Both the Facebook and Twitter profiles have gained a large number of bitcoin fans from around the world due to the interesting articles, breaking bitcoin news, and fast response rate to direct messages.


BitcoinZAR started out as a bitcoin fan and hobby website and followed soon after with the BitcoinZAR Facebook page and twitter pages. When the website was repeatedly hacked and eventually removed, took over. As the social media pages gained popularity with locals, the website was updated to provide the content the users were looking for.

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  • BitcoinZAR offers bitcoin support via Facebook and twitter chat, email, and telephone for all bitcoin related issues for the South African public.