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BitKassa B.V.
Industry Payment Processors, Exchanges
FoundedMarch, 2014
HeadquartersArnhem, the Netherlands
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BitKassa is a payment processor for the Euro zone. Companies can accept bitcoins from their customers using just a web interface provided by BitKassa or, if customers pay from their homes use BitInvoice or BitKassa for Webshops.

Entrepreneurs can start accepting Bitcoin free of charge. BitKassa has other Bitcoin related products with which they earn money: they give Bitcoin presentations and people with a Dutch bank account can buy bitcoins with iDEAL or sell bitcoins for euros through their website. Because of that, they can offer the merchant services gratis.

BitKassa for brick and mortar merchants

Open your personal BitKassa payment page on any smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.

BitInvoice for companies that send invoices

Accepting bitcoin cannot get any easier. Just print the URL of your personal BitInvoice address on your invoices and your customers handle the payment right from their homes.

BitKassa for Webshops

If customers pay right from the webshop; it is possible to integratie an API or use one of the webshop plugins provided by BitKassa.


BitKassa has no minimum order amount; every working day euros are being paid out. It is possible to keep the bitcoins, or any percentage of the bitcoins.

Arnhem Bitcoin City

BitKassa came into existence at the start of the project Arnhem Bitcoin City in May, 2014. At that time there was no easy to use Bitcoin payment processor for the Dutch. Currently, over 100 merchants in the city centre of Arnhem accept Bitcoin and most of them use BitKassa. [1]
On the Arnhem Bitcoin City website are live statistics[2] available that show the number of transactions, merchants and amount spent in Arnhem using BitKassa.

Buy or sell bitcoins

People with a Dutch bank account can buy bitcoins using iDEAL or convert bitcoins to euros using the BitKassa website.

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