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(hey. please don't unilaterally revert Luke's changes without getting more than one or two edits within a few hours about a problem you've noticed. There may be better ways of handling things.)
(No difference)

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Hello. Thank you for reading the reddit story and making a change in the Wiki that you care about: your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. In future, please reconsider making unilateral reverts of highly-prolific Bitcoin Wiki editors without building consensus and support ***here first*** or at least in #bitcoin-wiki on Freenode. In my opinion, the more correct move would have been to ensure that 'Paper Wallets' was a redirect that sent users to the more-correct term rather than reverting Luke's attempts at making this wiki more correct and relevant to everyone. It's not a particularly invasive or contentious change; I am concerned that it is a reaction to a shared sentiment combined with an agency problem over on Reddit which prompted this reactionary change, and IMNSHO that sort of thing gets in the way of educating users and being more technically correct. Midnightmagic (talk) 07:16, 28 February 2015 (UTC)