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Free Bitcoins are the best kind of bitcoins. However, if you don’t know what the whole ‘bitcoin’ thing is about, you may be confused.

“What Are Bitcoins?” is a common question that we get at – so we made up some useful pointers to help explain what it’s all about:

•Bitcoin is the world’s first peer to peer electronic currency! It’s like bittorrent, except totally legal. •If you understand that Paypal = money, then you can apply the same thinking for bitcoins – it’s like paypal without all the huge fees and restrictions. •If you understand how gold and silver = money, then think of bitcoins as the electronic version of gold & silver. There’s only a limited supply of them, and people trade them for items and money. •No person or company is behind bitcoin, bitcoins are owned by the people who are connected to the bitcoin network (like you and me). •When you send someone bitcoin, there’s no chargebacks. Bitcoin transactions are anonymous and private. •Bitcoins are going up in value every day. People buy bitcoins like gold and silver. Owning bitcoins is highly recommended. If you want to find out more info about bitcoin, head over to or watch the youtube video on the front page of — Preceding unsigned comment added by Forbitcoin (talkcontribs)