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HOW IT WORKS: Getting your first bitcoin is just as exciting as a BOGO sale at Best Buy.

Getting your 10th bitcoin is even more of a thrill! Whether you are a bitcoin newcomer, or a bitcoin baller, you’re probably wondering “How do I get free Bitcoins?”

We’ve partnered with big companies who will pay for eyeballs. Well, not literally, they pay for advertising…you can keep your optics (for now). is here to provide a way to extract Bitcoins from the coffers of these big companies and put it into the hands of those of you who can’t afford to buy bitcoins or expensive mining hardware used to mine bitcoins.

Think of of us like Robin Hood of crytocurrency. Earn Bitcoin, Trade Bitcoin, Spent Bitcoin.

1. Join Sign up to using a real email address. After submission, check your email for a confirmation message from us which lets us know that you are a real person with a real email address (no robots or Martians allowed, sorry). Make sure to check the junk folder if you don’t see the message in your inbox.

2. Complete Free Offers Browse through the advertiser offers presented to you upon login. Click the offers to start earning Free Bitcoins! Click the (?) beside the offer to view a description of the requirements to successfully complete the offer to get your Free Bitcoins.

3. Wait For Offer Verification Once you complete an offer from one of our advertisers, we must wait for verification. We know, waiting sucks =\ Some offers complete instantly, others can take up to 3 days to be verified from our advertisers. Sometimes it can take longer, but you can always call us or email us to inquire on the status of an offer if it’s past 7 days.

4. Get Free Bitcoins! As soon as the offer is completed, we will add the Bitcoins to your balance. You can request a payout at any time.

5. Refer Users & Get Paid The best way to earn Free Bitcoins is by spreading the word about BitCoin! Use your referral link to refer users and earn 20% of all of the Bitcoin that your first level referrals earn, and 5% of the Bitcoin that their referrals get paid! Now you can finally get paid for helping the Bitcoin message get out to the masses.