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Do we want a user verification system? Verification would not be a prerequisite to editing, or anything. It'd just be more of a note saying that we know that some username is actually controlled by the entity it represents.

Verified users would have a Verified.png icon on the corner of their user page, so as to be easily identifiable as verified. See my userpage, as it is "verified" as a test.

Currently, this wiki takes a lot for granted. If User:Cex edits CEX.IO, the changes are probably going to be assumed to be true (at least official) without any citations.

I'm worried eventually someone is going to impersonate someone else, and nobody's going to know about it because we don't ask people to verify their usernames. This proposed verification system would be an alternative to disallowing usernames associated with companies or organizations (which would be counterproductive).

I've had this idea for a long time, and now we have some framework for it. The verification process would (for organizations) involve [probably me] contacting them directly and just asking them if a username is under their control. This wouldn't be a lot of work, as verifying involves simply putting {{id}} anywhere on a userpage and putting evidence in Bitcoin:Verification/usernamehere.

I'll start adding citations to high-traffic pages; but the edits of a verified user are sources of their own (until we get to the point where news and media outweigh official statements).

Comments, suggestions, objections? Taras (talk) 01:58, 18 August 2014 (UTC)