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The nickname of chmod755 originally comes from the command line application chmod[1]. 755 is a very common chmod value, which allows the owner of a file to read, write and execute the file and prevents other users from writing to this file (which of course includes deletion).

Data sheet

Birthday March 9, 1990
Size 1.82 meters
Citizenship Austrian / EU
Location Austria
Religion Satoshianity
Relationship Status Single
Interested in Women
Bitcoin Address 1F2m82Z6omXwZ6VpeHfzFa1JD9KNjcr5Ed
FaceBook User No


  • Phone: +43 681 1056 5567
  • email: gle [at] fsfe [dot] org
  • IRC: chmod755 on #freenode

Criticism / Feedback

Use the Discussion-page for criticism and feedback.

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