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<onlyinclude><span class="btc">BTC</span></onlyinclude>
This template uses a custom font<ref>https://en.bitcoin.it/BTC.ttf</ref>, specified in the wiki's custom style sheet<ref>[[MediaWiki:Common.css]]</ref>.
BTC.ttf was authored by [[User:theymos|theymos]] for the [[BitcoinTalk Forum]]<ref>https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=88647.msg976404#msg976404</ref>
The font contains a special glyph for the letter '''B'''.  The glyphs for the letters '''T''' and '''C''' have zero width, allowing the text '''BTC''' to be typed, while only {{BTC}} appears.  This allows applications that do not support custom font rendering to still display an identifying text.  When copying text containing the symbol to the clipboard, the full text '''BTC''' is also copied.
=== Usage ===
To insert the {{BTC}} symbol:
When denoting values in Bitcoin, common practice is to use the symbol as a prefix: {{BTC}}0.5
=== Image ===
The symbol can also be inserted as an image.  The main disadvantage of this method is that the symbol does not adjust with wiki formatting such as font size and style.  Input:
== References ==
<references />

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