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Wallet Features

  • Open source clients for both desktop and mobile
  • HD/BIP0032
  • Per-transaction 2FA via multisignature, of 4 different kinds: email, sms, robot call, Google Authenticator
  • 2-of-2 multisig accounts: Create accounts that can take advantage of GreenAddress' trusted-third-party instant confirmations. Account recovery without access to GreenAddress is achieved with pre-generated nLockTime transactions (which must be received, typically via email, from GreenAddress on a regular basis).
  • 2-of-3 multisig accounts: Create accounts that allow you to access your funds at any time even without access to GreenAddress, using an additional offline recovery key (which only needs to be saved once).
  • Transaction information within 2FA message
  • BIP0039 mnemonics
  • Receive or Send/Tip password protected Bitcoins with BIP0038 (Facebook, Email, Reddit)
  • Never reuses the same address which improves both privacy and security
  • Easy to use, fast and convenient


  • Great customer support, fast turn around via email, twitter, facebook or reddit
  • No practice of any reserve mechanism
  • testnet/uat service
  • GreenAddress' can't take your funds
  • detailed transaction logging, real-time on-screen alerts as funds are received