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The GLBSE (pronounced glib-zee) is a form of exchange that provides services to users to sell assets, bitcoin bonds listed with the exchange.

The service provides the following featuers:

   * Issue assets to raise bitcoin capital
   * Pay bitcoin to assetholders
   * Put resolutions to assetholders and get their vote
   * Issue and sell bitcoin bonds
   * Borrow from and lend to the bitcoin market

Adding Funds

Funds for the purchase of shares comes from the user's BTC account on GLBSE.

Bitcoins sent to the user's Bitcoin address for deposit must confirm before they will show as being available. The threshold for the number of confirmations that GLBSE requires is the standard 8 confirmations on the blockchain.

Withdrawing Funds

Proceeds from sales of assets add to the user's BTC account on GLBSE. Bitcoins can be withdrawn at any time. Some withdrawals, particularly larger ones, may be delayed if the BTC in the service's hot wallet is insufficient and funds from cold storage must be first made available.


The list of fees can be viewed once logged in.

  • New asset fee: 12.0 BTC
  • Payment fee rate: 0%
  • Sell fee rate, paid by seller: 0.5%
  • Buy fee rate, paid by seller: 0.5%
  • Transfer fee rate, paid by seller: 0.2%

Trade fees are MAKER/TAKER, that is if you place an order, and it goes on the orderbook, then you pay 0% fee, if the order gets matched with another order then you pay the trade fee(buy OR sell fee, not both).

In short; buying and selling assets will cost bitcoiners on average 0.25% of the amount involved for each asset-transaction they do.


The service comes from the first bitcoin company BitcoinGlobal. The site entered testing phase under an internal code name before being opened with a round 3 of testing on April 27, 2011[1] and launch soon after.

A version 2.0 with a vastly revamped architecture was launched on March 24, 2012[2].

See Also

External Links

  • GLBSE web site
  • @GLBSE exchange ticker on Twitter
  • @BitcoinGLobal company Twitter account
  • IRC Web #GLBSE Talk regarding the GLBSE trading platform
  • IRC Web #bitcoin-assets Discussion of securities and other asset investments.