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*Allow clerks to appoint bots, template editors and curators
*Put people who have write access to LocalSettings etc. in the stewards group or some other group
*I made a [http://i.imgur.com/P1g2cdE.png new logo]
*'''templateedit''' - Template editors
*'''curator''' - Curators (intended to edit essays that are already published)
===Restriction levels===
*'''templateprot''' - template editors and administrators
*'''curatorprot''' - curators and administrators
*Make '''''BW:''''' redirect to ''Bitcoin Wiki:''
*Add namespaces '''''Essay:''''' and '''''Essay talk:'''''
*Add namespaces '''''Source:''''' and '''''Source talk:'''''
''This is bottom priority really''
''This is bottom priority really''
*Fix he.bitcoin.it if possible
*Fix he.bitcoin.it if possible
*Add tr.bitcoin.it and fi.bitcoin.it
*Add tr.bitcoin.it and fi.bitcoin.it

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This is bottom priority really

  • Fix he.bitcoin.it if possible
  • Add tr.bitcoin.it and fi.bitcoin.it