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Avalon Project
Native name阿瓦龙电子
ParentCanaan Creative

Avalon is the first product name of Avalon project. Avalon is a project which produces bitcoin ASIC[1] mining machine. the project created by 张楠赓[2] [3] and Yifu Guo[4] [5]. this project started at later 2012 with a bitcointalk[6] thread[7]. Avalon project have three different ASIC, named A3256, A3255, A3233, have two type of bitcoin transaction machines. Avalon1 and Avalon2. right now Avalon project people working very hard on third generation machine. named Avalon3. it is 2U size, using the newest 40nm ASIC, (7GHS/chip, 0.7Watt/G).

After one year of Avalon project started, Yifu Guo(Bitsyncom)[8] left Avalon project. The Canaan Creative[9] (founded by ngzhang) have full in charge of the project running from 2014 and EHash.com(The online shop that accept Bitcoin)[10] was part of Canaan Creative.

For users For developers For businesses
  • Avalon3.5, Using A3233, Add more features.
  • Avalon nano, Using only one A3233, Small USB device.
  • AMS A web base Avalon Management System. used on a 20,000 Avalon3-290 farm. here is the 3D version AMS.
  • Avalon mm tools is the tools for upgrade MM firmware or testing the ASIC cores.


Bitcointalk thread


Join us on Reddit this Thursday, April 9, at 9am Eastern Standard Time. We will use the ID=AvalonBTC. The website: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA

This is your chance to ask Ngzhang anything about the Bitcoin mining in China, Bitcoin in China, Any question of Avalon project(and anything else you like). Make sure to mark it on your calendar. Ngzhang will answer questions for 90 minutes. Get your questions ready!