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Wall of Coins is a bitcoin exchange service owned and operated by Genitrust, Inc. It's a fully transparent peer-to-peer market for buying and selling Bitcoin. This is a first that is both a secure live and fixed exchange for the users. Wall of Coins directly connects buyers and sellers in a manner that is intelligent, trustworthy, and secure. We are also the first fully transparent market, and the first to store funds entirely in cold storage.

As of now, Wall of Coins is operating in Sarasota, Florida (USA) and it has opened its doors for Canada, Brazil, Germany, Latvia, Poland and Philippines last December 2015. Early 2016, the platform has also provided more methods other than cash deposit to buyers.

Deposit Addresses

In the interest of full transparency, all Wall of Coins deposit addresses are stored on this secure, separate server. We believe that all cryptocurrency markets should do this, so we are taking the lead. Wall of Coins' creators, Genitrust, Inc, will forever adhere to this policy, as it is simply the Bitcoin way: full transparency and entirely peer-to-peer. As the entire internet is currently not 100% peer-to-peer, we will do what we can to keep Wall of Coins, and its services such as the Index of Deposits, as peer-to-peer as possible.

GPG Verification

The company's GPG keys are hosted on a separate web server. Both the Wall of Coins company GPG key and our CEO's GPG key are used to sign the Index of Deposits.

Customer Service

Wall of Coins offers a professional customer support via toll-free number, live chat, and email. This allows team members to reach out to various users and assist them with their inquiries and concerns.


Wall of Coins ensures quality yet fast service for buyers. They have following features:

  • 3 payment methods: Bank of America's Teller Assist, cash deposit in various bank branches, and MoneyGram deposit. More methods will be provided soon!
  • Choice to choose the best rate for their coins. Various ads may help buyers choose the best rate for their inputted amount in their orders.
  • Only the phone number and email address are needed. Identity verification is not necessary to make a transaction.


  • Choice of creating dynamic or static pricing for the rates
  • Has watch-only wallet addresses for funds - wallets are fully transparent, and all funds are never co-mingled into another customer's account.
  • 100% rapid cold storage with strict internal policies.
  • Advanced "Man-in-the-middle" payment attack security - Wall of Coins has an artificial intelligence layer that detects fraudulent transactions.

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