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VPS price comparison. Cheapest plans are shown. Based on list of providers that accept bitcoin payments. BTC prices may fluctuate based on market rate. Check T&Cs for conditions that relate to Tor/Proxy usage before ordering. WARNING: One or more of the following VPS hosts may simply be LE honeypots. At the very least, this list here provides an excellent target for LE subpoenas. Do these hosts, us, and yourself, a favour, and do not use your Bitcoins for anything illegal.

Name Price Bandwidth IPv6 RAM Disk Location TOR Notes
A1DedicatedServers 24.49 EUR 10TB Yes 2 GB 25 GB Raid-10 Europe / Canada A1 Dedicated Servers supports over 10+ payment methods including Bitcoin for all VPS and Dedicated Servers. All bitcoin payments are processed through
AJKservers 8.96 GBP 10TB (100MBPS) Yes 512MB 10GB London, UK/New York USA/Montreal, Canada/France, Europe We havea wide range of vps servers in windows and linux operating in different visualizations such as xen, openvz and vmware. Just place an order and choose Bitcoin as payment option at checkout.
AllGamer, LLC 10 USD 0.5TB (100mbps) Yes 512MB 10GB Dallas, TX, US. / Haarlem, the Netherlands, EU. Choose BitPay as payment method.
AnonVPS 9 EUR 1TB Yes 1GB 20GB Sofia, Bulgaria VPN, GRE Tunnel and TOR are allowed Very high privacy security and strong protection policy.
APEXY From $10.00/year 100GB @ 1000mbit Yes From 192MB From 15GB (RAID 10) Germany and Czech Republic Legal TOR middle nodes, VPN's and Proxies permitted. We offer a range of linux operating systems using our easy Custom Panel. Do it yourself Reverse DNS ability. E5 nodes with RAID-10 protected storage. Cheap additional IPv4 and free IPv6 addresses. Resource upgrades are possible. Larger plans on our website.
AutoVPS / KalyHost 1.66BTC 15EUR (+0.55BTC 5.00EUR setup) unlimited "reasonable" (100Mbps shared?) No 512MB 20GB Germany TOS bans proxies 0.04295538 BTC 1 TB Yes 1 GB 100 GB Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Miami (USA) Tor is allowed Cloud servers starting from about 0.04 BTC for 1024 MB RAM, 100 GB diskspace and 3 TB bandwidth. Many Linux distributions. Anonymous registration is allowed. £24.35 ($39.00) 0.5 TB Yes 512MB 20GB London, UK - Dublin, Ireland - Chicago, IL - New York, NY - Dallas, TX Tor, VPN, Proxy, RDP allowed Privacy Respected. Bitcoin Accepted. Offering shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting (multiple offshore locations). Domain registration with free privacy protection for $11.95 and DDOS protection available as well. No personal details required. Bitcoin VPS Hosting 1.91 BTC/ 19.99 USD 3 TB No 1 GB 50GB New York, U.S.A. TOS does not mention proxies VPS, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Registration
BitVPS 0.01626BTC $10USD 1TB Yes 1GB 10GB New York City and Switzerland no exits, relay ok plans from 0,01626BTC
BuildYourVPS 0.01 BTC ($6 USD) 1TB Yes 512MB 10GB Oregon, U.S.A. TOS permits non-abusive TOR. Valued in USD which is converted to 24-hour weighted BTC @ purchase time. 10% discount for all BTC transactions. 99.99% uptime. Full root access. Instant no-fee upgrades - hundreds of build combinations. Automated control panel interface. Multihomed uplink. Hosts official F/OSS mirrors.
Cinfu Hosting Solutions  ?BTC 4.61USD unlimited (100Mbps) No 256MB 40GB Germany, US TOS bans tor
CINIPAC Hosting 10EUR / Month Traffic Flat Yes 256MB+ up to 4GB 5GB+ up to 500GB Romania TOR, VPN etc. allowed high end VPS nodes with SAS/SSD drives and 10gbit uplink
Cloudrck Technologies Starting at $15 USD/month Unmetered (100Mbit) Yes 512MB+ (Up to 4GB) 10GB+ (Up to 200GB) North Carolina Tor, I2P, VPN allowed Most popular KVM plan, we offer custom packages as well as OpenVZ plans. Payment using Bitpay. from 66.00 CHF 0.5 TB

(10 gbps)

No From 512MB From 10GB Switzerland,


Allowed We offer bare metal Dedicated Servers, Cloud VPS, Colocation hosting in Zurich, protection from all types of DDoS attacks with guaranteed result, CDN, BTsync storage containers and other web hosting products.
Cosmic Fantasia 25 AUD 3TB No 512MB 10GB Australia (Sydney), Hong Kong, Singapore, India, UK, USA and more - Australian based. Global data centres. In AUD which is converted to BTC @ purchase time 3.5USD 0.2 TB No 128MB 20GB Kansas
DATACLUB from 12,98 $ Unlimited traffic No 512MB 10GB Latvia (Riga), Sweden (Stockholm) Allowed is a Hosting Company which is owned by DataClub S.A.

Was incorporated under the Laws of Belize with the Company's

Dehost VPS Servers 4.29BTC 15EUR 250GB No 1024MB 25GB Germany TOS does not mention proxies Windows VPS only
DeluxServers 12 USD 10TB (100MBPS) Yes 1GB 10GB France, Canada. Choose BitPay as payment method.
Dewlance Windows VPS and Hosting 0.90BTC 1 TB No 512MB 15GB Orlando(Florida) and Chicago(Illinois) - USA VPN and RDP Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Windows VPS and RDP Account £7.95 ($12.79) 125GB (100Mbit) No 256MB 15GB London, UK No Tor, proxies okay providing law of UK and hosted country are complied with. VPS available in UK and DE. UK and EU. Web hosting from £1.95 ($3.15), Reseller Hosting from £12.95 ($20.85), VPS from £7.95 ($12.79), Dedicated Servers from £29.95 ($48.00), SSL Certificates from £9.95 ($16.00), Managed Off-Site Backup from £2.95 ($4.75) per month. 15% off code 'bitcointradewiki'. Choose 'Bitcoin' payment method at checkout, currency conversation done at checkout-time.
FlokiNET Starting at €5 EUR/month Unmetered (100Mbit) Yes 256MB+ (Up to 4GB) 10GB+ (Up to 200GB) Iceland and Romania Tor, I2P, VPN allowed VMware based Offshore VPS
FrozenOnline 1.515BTC 17USD 200GB (+2USD/10GB) No 1024MB 50GB Chicago TOS bans proxies, but does not monitor activities
FUSA  ?BTC 12,99EUR 200GB (100Mbit) Yes 1024MB 30GB Belgium
Hostamus from $15 UNLIMITED

(1000 Mbps)

No From 1024MB From 30GB France TOR is allowed, Proxies and VPNs are allowed. Hostamus is a well known provider for allowing tools/programs most providers won't allow. They have been around for just over two years and have amazing uptime & support. (No DDOS/Hacking tools allowed)
Hosterbox VPS Services $22.95 USD 0.5TB+

(1Gbps Port)

Yes 1024MB 20GB United States/Canada TOR is allowed, Proxies and VPNs are allowed. offers premium managed shared hosting, VPS's, Reseller hosting and Domain registrations. Bitcoin payment is made using BitPay and the invoice is generated at checkout.
Hostika.LT VPS Services 2.75 EUR Unmetered (up to 100mbps in a shared/burstable network line) No 1024MB 80GB Europe/Lithuania TOR is not allowed, Public Proxies and VPNs is not allowed. Private proxy for personal use (not public) is allowed. Hostika.LT unmanaged OpenVZ based VPS servers . Bitcoin payments is accepted via SpectroCoin.
HostingBuY 16.74 $ 0.5 TB Yes 1024MB 40GB (RAID 10) Netherlands, Germany, United States TOR is allowed HostingBuY A small but stable and strong in his last few years we have worked for others and provide quality services. Success is based on the philosophy of combining excellent quality product at affordable price points with a first-class network, together with a highly skilled engineering and technical support team. Hosts in multiple data centers in Europe (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels) and the US (Manassas). We are always there to meet every client, we provide the support of the maximum, do us a bit that the client is satisfied. Bitcoin payment is made using BitPay and the invoice is generated at checkout.
HostSailor $1.79 USD 0.5 TB+

(1Gbps Port)

Yes 512MB 50GB Amsterdam, Netherlands yes Affordable & High quality VPS, Bitcoin and other major types of payments accepted.
Incloudibly 80 USD 0.5 TB

(10,000 mbps)

No 1024MB 20GB Switzerland Tor/VPN Incloudibly is a Swiss web hosting company that focuses on DDoS Protected Solutions. 99.99% uptime. Pay by Bitcoin. 10 gbit/s VPS internet speed. Instant purchase. Based on Xen/Onapp with API. Privacy protected by Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection.
IT Itch $22.00 USD 0.5-6 TB Yes 512MB-8.5GB 20GB-350GB New Zealand, North America, Asia Allowed Privacy protected web solutions with bitcoin payment by default. Buy VPS with Bitcoins.
Kevlarhost From $199.00 USD Unmetered 100/1000mbit No From 2GB Ram From 200GB China, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Latvia, Romania TOR, VPN, All kinds of proxies allowed Bulletproof Servers, VPS and Dedicated servers 100% abuse and takedown proof, all content allowed. Botnets, lockers, etc. welcome! Anonymous registration.
KgoVPS From $5.00 USD 250GB @ 100/1000mbit Yes From 256MB From 4GB (RAID+SSD CACHE) New Zealand, Australia, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta VPNs and Proxies are permitted. OpenVZ, XEN & KVM - Custom Panel & Billing systems, self RDNS, Both onshore & offshore. Low cost additional IPv4 and free IPv6. Long term IP allocations, as they are leased and portable. Great uptime and performance due to unsaturated nodes. Privacy is king, this is why we built our own in-house software solution. Experienced support team, feel free to test our knowledge with your tech savvy questions.
LibertyVPS $19.99 2TB @ 1Gbps No 1GB 25GB Amsterdam, Netherlands TOR, Proxy and VPN allowed Offshore location, anonymity is our priority. Payments via Bitcoin are fully anonymous.
Lightfoot Hosting 13BTC 30USD (+root fee?) 256GB No 512MB 16GB Pennsylvania, Connecticut TOS does not mention proxies prices outdated?
Luna Node 3.6 USD/mo (with 12 USD deposit) 1 TB (1gbps) No 512 MB 15 GB Toronto, Canada no exits, relay ok KVM hourly billing cloud VPS platform featuring snapshots, custom operating system images, detachable volumes, and complementary server monitoring.
Microtronix Hosting 0.10BTC 11USD Anually 0.5 TB (+1TB/2USD, up to 9TB++) Yes 128MB+ (Up to 6GB) 10GB+ (Up to 300GB) Florida, Chicago TOS does not mention proxies This is our starting package, we offer custom packages. Payment using Bitpay at current exchange.
Namecheap $19.95USD 100GB No 512MB (+512MB burst) 15GB  ? No traffic relying, no Tor, proxy, or VPN Domain names, web hosting, VPS hosting, WhoisGuard, SSL certificates also available for BTC
NewZealandVPS From $10.00/mo 100GB @ 100mbit Yes From 1024MB From 10GB (SSD) Auckland New Zealand Legal content, VPN's and Proxies permitted. NewZealands favourite hosting provider, fanstatic support team offering a rock solid hosting service based in Auckland New Zealand.
Optical Cube Web Hosting, VPS and IT consulting 1.68BTC 0.5 TB No 512MB 10GB Michigan and Arizona, USA VPN allowed, VoIP with asterisk available  ?BTC 30EUR 200GB No 512MB 16GB Iceland 0.01 BTC ($11.96 USD) 1TB @ 1Gbit port Yes 1024MB 40GB USA (New York & Los Angeles), Canada (DDoS Protected), UK, Germany, France (DDoS Protected), Netherlands and Switzerland TOR all legal is allowed, Proxies and PPTP / VPN is allowed. Instant cPanel web hosting, domains and Dedicated servers in Europe and USA. VPS Linux (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu), Windows 7 & Windows Server 2003/2008 VPS in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and Switzerland. Root/Administrator access, 1GBit port, DDoS protection and instant upgrades, cPanel/WHM & Plesk (option).
RareServers 29 USD 10TB (100MBPS) Yes 2GB 25GB France, Canada. DDoS Protected Windows VPS Servers.
RockHoster $4.99(Linux)



(1 GBPS Port)

More port speed available on request.

Yes (.5GB - ∞GB) (30GB - ∞GB) RAID 10 Netherlands(Amsterdam) TOR is allowed, Proxies and VPNs are allowed. Instant Activation and with wide range of OS choice, Rock Hoster is presenting Reliable, fast, safe and secure offshore Linux VPS servers starting at $4.99 and Windows at $8.99. From a very long time we are continuously providing #1 hosting solutions for our customers. Being offshore makes it more safe and secure. Various addons such as cPanel, additional bandwidth, solusvm, additional IP's,etc. makes it more awesome. RAID 10 HDD protects data from any HDD failure. To order any custom config or specs to any of our services for your special needs, just raise a ticket and we will do it for you.

(Additional IP's available on request)

ServerAstra €5.5 10 TB @ 100 Mbps Yes 128 MB 20 GB (SSD RAID 10) Hungary Allowed Dedicated servers, Co-location and VPS in secure and reliable ISO certified Tier 3+ datacenter in Budapest, Hungary with N+1 setup and high availability. DDoS protection is available also. Tor exit-friendly.
Server&Cloud from 66.00 CHF 0.5TB

(10 gbps)

No From 512MB From 10GB Switzerland, Zurich Allowed Server & Cloud is a Swiss company established in the global market of hosting services. Top notch equipment and reliable service guarantee 100% security of the data stored in our DC. We offer small, big and large scale businesses modern services which are in a heavy demand nowadays: Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, DDoS Protection and Colocation. €1.48 EUR from 50GB (100mbps) Yes 128MB 5GB Amsterdam, The Netherlands Allowed A simple one-plan host based in Amsterdam, that offers combined VPS/Web hosting, starting from €1.48 (no root access, only IPv6) and €6,48 (with root access and IPv4 address). Cloud VPS 4.90 EUR / Month 1000GB - unlimited (1000mbps) Yes 256MB - 32768MB 10GB - 4000GB Germany VPN, TOR, Proxy, RDP allowed, VNC management Choose Bitcoin for bitcoin payment. KVM Virtualization. Servers located in Germany, TIER1 Datacenter 430 GBit/s, 99.9% Uptime. Also accept credit cards (amex, mastercard, visa) with 3D-S, Paypal.
Smart Weblications GmbH KVM VServer 4.90 EUR / Month 1000GB No 256MB 10GB Germany VPN, Proxy, RDP allowed Choose Bitcoin for bitcoin payment. KVM Virtualization. Servers located in Germany, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. Full root access.
SnelServer  ?BTC 80EUR 10000GB (100Mbps) Yes 4GB 1000GB Netherlands TOS does not mention proxies dedicated servers
Solar Communications GmbH from 66.00 CHF 0.5TB

(10 gbps)

No From 512MB From 10GB Switzerland,


Allowed Solar Communications GmbH is a data center, situated in Zurich, Switzerland that provides superior and versatile solutions for dedicated servers, Cloud hosting and DDoS protection. All our products are equipped with free basic DDoS Protection up to 10 gbit/s and 4 mpps, which proves to be very effective against most types of DDoS attacks. Solar Communications GmbH data center has a complex security system, which corresponds to the toughest of the modern security standards.
SolVPS $5.00 USD 0.5TB+

(1Gbps Port)

Yes 128MB+ 5GB+ SSD USA (New York, Los Angeles) and UK (London) TOR is allowed. Proxies and VPNs are allowed. Must be fully legal. SolVPS offers Linux VPS and Windows VPS hosting in USA and UK data centers on a full SSD VPS platform. The company respects privacy and allows "privacy-related services" within the limits of US laws. Bitcoin is accepted as payment for all services.
SuperBitHost $47 USD 250GB No 1GB 20GB Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia TOR is not allowed, Proxies and VPNs are allowed. SuperBitHost offers with every VPS 1 FREE Dedicated IP and 24x7 Email, Ticketing Support.*Upfront payment discounts: 3 months [-5%], 6 months [-7%], 12 months [-10%] from 66.00 CHF 0.5TB (10 Gbps) No From 512MB From 10GB Switzerland, Zurich Allowed Our services are presented by Dedicated hosting service, Cloud Hosting, Protection from distributed denial-of-service attack and services of Colocation centre. We provide our customers with high performance hardware, efficient business solutions, multiplex redundant connections and proved network capacity. SwissHosters ensures regular work with the minimum of waiting time and the remarkable connection speed.
Synalabs Hosting 13.86BTC 130EUR 800GB (100Mbps) Yes 2048MB 100Gb France
Syndicat IT & Internet -  ? No
trabia network 6 € 1 TB @ 100 Mbps Yes 512 MB 10 GB (SSD RAID) Europe (Republic of Moldova) Allowed DDoS Protection included free of charge. Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers and Colocation. Operating a strict zero tolerance abuse policy. Use the coupon code BTC-50OFF to receive 50% OFF on the first month.
TortoiseLabs $7.50 (~0.03 BTC) Unmetered; 20mbps guaranteed, 1gbps burst Yes 512MB 30GB Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, Miami Non-public VPN allowed, TOR exit nodes not allowed but hidden services and relays are allowed (except in London) Only a username and e-mail address are required for signup. IP addresses for each login session are logged. Both US and local law where the node is located must be followed.
TRILIGHTZONE From 14€ Metered / Unmetered / Up to 200Mbps (Depends on Location) Yes From 512MB From 5GB Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Singapore, Czech Republic, Malaysia, U.S Tor Entry and Middle-Nodes Allowed / Tor Hidden Services Allowed / VPN Allowed / Proxy Allowed Providing 10 Years Offshore Privacy Services in Multiple Countries: OpenVPN, Secure Email, Hosting, Shells, Servers, VPS, DNS hosting, Secure Storage, Consultancy
UNIXy  ?BTC 46USD 200GB No 512MB 20GB California, Texas, Netherlands
VertVPS  ?BTC 7USD 0.5TB Yes 512MB 40GB North America/France TOS Bans Proxies Choose Bitpay for bitcoin payment. OpenVZ and KVM Virtualization. Servers located in North America and France. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. Full root access.
VPS Bulgaria €9.00 EUR 1TB+ Yes 1GB 20GB SSD Bulgaria TOR is allowed, Proxies and VPNs are allowed. VPSBG is an East Europe offshore VPS provider located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Anonymous registrations are allowed.
Privacy is very respected.
VZHO From $15.00/year or $5/month 100GB+ @ 1000mbit Yes From 128MB+ From 5GB+ (RAID) Netherlands Tor, VPN's and Proxy allowed. High uptime great network right out of Netherlands Datacenter. We have all your popular linux OS's and accept Bitcoin and Paypal as payment methods. Reverse DNS and resource upgrades are easy.
What The Server 0.93BTC 11USD 2000GB (100Mbps) No 256MB 20GB Netherlands TOS bans proxies, but allows tor relays and exits also has 1TB/8USD plan, registration over tor permitted
World Servers WS  ?BTC from 10USD 100mbit/1Gbe/10GbE Yes 1Gb from 5GB, SSD/SAS/SATA Worldwide (NL,RU,UK,LT,LV,CR,CC,GT,EE,HK,etc) Tor, VPN, VOIP, MAIL, IRC Only Bitcoins. Worldwide bulletproof and simple vps\dedicated servers. Windows\Linux. Beutiful control panel!
Yoku Cloud Hosting and Cloud Servers  ?BTC 20USD 0.5TB No 512MB 25GB New York, USA VPN, VOIP, TOR, RDP Windows or Linux Cloud Servers, Remote Access Desktops 2 EUR Unlimited

(100Mbps port)

Yes 256MB 5GB SSD Sweden VPNs (both OpenVPN and PPTP) are allowed, TOR is rate limited offers virtual servers in Sweden with unlimited traffic from Tier 1 operators, latest Xeon CPUs, IPv6 and full root access starting from €2 per month. DMCA is ignored.
Zionvps LLP $6.50USD + 5% unmetered @ 100mbps(dedicated port to vps) Yes 1024MB 30gb SAS with Raid 0+1 in canada, ssd cache in france Canada, France (all ddos protected) Relaying is allowed but not exit nodes. Vpn allowed. Ddos protection provided free on all plans. Management and cpanel can be purchased as addons. 48 Hours refund policy. Test ip/file : (canada) , (france)