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What key search rate can I expect from hardware X?

Detailed list forthcoming. Some ballpark estimates are listed below.

Dual-core desktop CPUs, 32-bit mode: 100-250 Kkey/s.
Dual-core desktop CPUs, 64-bit mode: 150-450 Kkey/s.
Quad-core desktop CPUs, 32-bit mode: 200-400 Kkey/s.
Quad-core desktop CPUs, 64-bit mode: 300-750 Kkey/s.
NVIDIA GT200 GPUs: up to 6.5 Mkey/s
AMD Radeon 58XX, 68XX GPUs: up to 23.5 Mkey/s.
AMD Radeon 69XX GPUs: up to 19.5 Mkey/s.

As vanitygen performs a lot of large integer arithmetic, running it in 64-bit mode makes a huge difference in key search rate, easily a 50% improvement over 32-bit mode. If you are using a 64-bit edition of Windows, and not using a GPU, be sure to use vanitygen64.exe.

Radeon 58XX outperforms Radeon 69XX by a very comfortable margin. Oclvanitygen is sensitive to integer multiply throughput, and Radeon 58XX can multiply concurrently with other operations. At similar clocks, a hobbled Radeon 5830 will outperform a Radeon 6970.

In custom builds, CPU performance will be less than expected if the OpenSSL library is an older version (<1.0.0d) or is not built with the appropriate optimizations enabled.

Keysearch Rates

CPU GPU keys/s Comment
Core2 Duo 6600 nVidia GTX 285 3.5 Mkey/s 100% CPU / 90% GPU [1]
Sempron 140 AMD 5830 5.5 Mkey/s 100% CPU / 60% GPU [2]
Core i7 AMD 6500M 4.5 Mkey/s 98% GPU
Core i5 750 @2.67 GHz nVidia GTS 250 1.54 Mkey/s 110% CPU [3]