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PoolServerJ is a pure java implementation of a Bitcoin mining pool server. It’s functionally very similar to pushpoold. Although there are some differences it is capable of being swapped over with pushpoold without any config changes.


  • Native merged mining support. Will work with standard bitcoind 0.5
  • SCrypt blockchain support
  • Customisable coinbase transaction (pay block rewards to any wallet perhaps an offline secure wallet)
  • Internal work generation (more than 10x faster than rpc getwork)
  • Work caching - caches work from bitcoind or internal WorkMaker to handle short term spikes in requests
  • Database resilience. Server can keep running if database goes down and shares will be sent to database when connection is reestablished
  • DoS resilience with QoS support to ensure workers who've submitted valid work are serviced with priority
  • Capable of pulling work from multiple bitcoin daemons to get around the getwork bottleneck and also to provide some redundancy
  • Notify of block change via HTTP to a user configurable URL to support event triggered share processing
  • Cached database handling (optional) to reduce round trips.
  • Supports Mysql, Postgresql, sqlite3 (JDBC based so others can be added easily - currently only tested on mysql)
  • Runs as a Windows service
  • Longpolling support
  • Integrated block monitoring using all available bitcoin daemon work sources
  • Dump shares to Database, log file or stdout
  • Safe restart - shares issued to client are dumped to file on shutdown and reloaded on startup so your miners won't get stale shares if you restart a live server
  • Only dependency is a Java 6+ JDK.