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This page is updated with common questions we receive in the #mtgox support channel on




I'm struggling to get the same amount of time available to update these pages. I do plan on keeping them but updates won't be as frequent. For bang up to date updates you should goto or join #mtgox support channel on Freenode.

Service Status


Known Issues / Recent News / Recent Announcements

30/09/2013 SEPA Withdrawl Queue Explained Click Here!

28/09/2013 Looks like OKPay are Back (Although only for deposits)

Browsing through the Mt.Gox website today, I came across the option to deposit with OKPay. I clicked it and found that the link now seems to work and you can actually deposit again with OK Pay. I know this currently only for deposits but it shows that Mt.Gox are actively working through issues with their financial partners with a view to restore full service. Great news for customers! :)

28/08/2013 Summary of Withdrawl Status

Active IRC member Sturles in the #mtgox channel has taken it upon himself to compile all known withdrawl information into one handy post on bitcointalk. Heres the link:

General MtGox Support Helpdesk

Open a ticket on

General FAQ's can be found here:


This isn't an exhaustive list of news but if something of note appears, i'll try and add here.

11/10/2013 - MtGox Infrastructure and Data Centre Migration

29/06/2013 - MtGox Registers as a Money Transmitting Company in the US - Great news for US Residents - this could open up doors for new financial partners to get money in and out of the exchange faster and more efficient. Another link here

25/06/2013 - MtGox Update Magneto Merchant Plugin

21/06/2013 - Clarity on USD Withdrawls + More! - Very informative post by Mt.Gox PR Team. Keep up the good work!

20/06/2013 - MtGox Update their buy/sell webpage form with a confirmation box!!! Great news for those that mistype or misclick (like me)

20/06/2013 - Clarity on USD Withdrawls from Mt Gox

08/06/2013 - Another Obvious Fud Does the Rounds Date is a Sunday not Saturday and IP address numbers cant go up to 523 - failfud.

04/06/2013 - Statement Regarding Technocash Transfers

30/05/2013 - Mt.Gox Statement Regarding Account Verifications

Websocket / API Changes

24/09/2013 Order Statuses - not a change, just for info

  • "pending" order is awaiting processing by the trade engine
  • "executing" order is being processed by the trade engine
  • "post-pending" temporary status which occurs after an order is executed before it moves onto the next stage eg. Open etc
  • "open" order is open and on the market awaiting to be filled
  • "stop" relates to stop orders. These aren't available currently on MtGox. This status is waiting for a specific market move to be executed
  • "invalid" this relates to an order which is not valid to be open. For example if an account doesn't have the funds to fulfil this order, this status would be displayed.

26/07/2013 API Change

For anyone calling ticker/etc directly from* or* now you are going through a proxy, and not directly to MtGox anymore. It is strongly suggested to switch to

08/07/2013 Websocket Changes

A new field has been added to the user_order broadcast. The field is called 'reason'. This field tells you exactly why an order has been removed from the order book. These are:

  • "requested" for when the customer manually requested the order to be cancelled
  • "completed_active" for orders that complete instantly (market orders and invalid orders)
  • "complete_passive" for limit orders

Trading Questions

Q. What is Midas?

Midas is the code name for Mt.Gox's brand new trading engine. Its been written from scratch and hopes to provide a very low latency trading engine allowing hundreds of thousands of concurrent orders processed at once. (Currently only hundreds can be). This is a prerequisite for any new currencies to be released on MtGox to ensure a good trading experience is maintained.

Q. Is there a limit to open orders per account?

Yes, 200.

Q. How are people submitting the same order on all currency trading books?

They aren't. There is only one order book, the orders you see on one currency specific order book are also on all currency order books. There is a 2.5% currency conversion fee (added into the price). Eg. If someone buys in GBP from someone selling their BTC in EUR then the price of the EUR order appears in the order book as the price converted to GBP+2.5%.


Funds deposited with Mt.Gox must come from the bank account with the name that matches the owner of the Mt.Gox account. Furthermore, funds may only be withdrawn to an account that is under the Mt.Gox account owner`s own name, except where transferring Bitcoins or other non-fiat currencies.


SEPA (Single European Payments Area) Withdrawals

General Information

  • Withdrawals are processed in the order at which they are placed where possible.
  • MtGox use a Polish Bank that processes SEPA (Single European Payments Area) transfers
  • Approximately 60,000 Euros (250,000 PLN) each day can be processed by the bank.
  • The maximum withdrawal for any one SEPA transfer is also 50,000 Euros.
  • Amounts more than 50,000 Euros need to be split it into multiple transfers or use the International Wire payment method.
  • Due to queue size, each customer is currently only allowed 1 withdrawal every 20 days (estimate)
  • If your withdrawal amount is smaller there is a greater chance that it will be processed quicker.
  • Each transfer is processed in the order of requests but there are exceptions to this rule (See below)

The queue process

The 50,000 Euro bank limit each day is made of of withdrawals in request order until the limit has been reached. Some requests will be passed until the next day if they are greater than the available amount left. For example, if the first 3 withdrawal amounts are 20,000 euros and the fourth and fifth is 5,000, the third request we be passed to the next day and the smaller fourth and fifth withdrawals will be included in order to reach the 50,000 euro daily limit.

Request 1 – 20,000 processed day 1
Request 2 – 20,000 processed day 1
Request 3 – 20,000 passed to day 2 as bigger than 50,000 limit
Request 4 – 5,000 processed day 1
Request 5 – 5,000 processed day 1

If your withdrawal amount is smaller there is a greater chance that it will be processed quicker.

Q. What do the individual statuses on Withdrawls mean?

"confirmed' : In the MtGox withdrawl queue

"Pending" : Sent to the bank for processing.

"processed": Receipt confirmed from bank as transfer completed successfully

Q. What's the process of transferring BTC out of mt.gox into to another person's wallet?

You buy btcs with your currency then goto, choose Bitcoins

Q. How much does it cost to withdraw from Mt Gox?

Q. How long does it take to receive money when withdrawing using SEPA?

The limits on mtgox's polish bank account limit the volume of SEPA transfers they do, so you might be stuck in the queue for a while, especially with larger transfers. If you need the money fast, use international transfer option. (Note: International withdrawls are currently taking much longer than SEPA 30/09/13)

Q. Is okpay withdrawal still viable / working? (Added 24/06/2013)

No. Even though this option is currently on the website, it will give you an error stating this method is not available anymore.


Q. How do I verify with no utility bills?

A "certificate of residence" would do in this instance. If it is not in english, it may require an official translation to be accompanied with it.

Website Related Info

Q. I keep getting a 50x error everytime I log in. If i press F5 the page loads fine, what can I do?

This is caused by a local caching issue. If you log out, clear your cookies, this should fix the issue going forward.

What is a Bitcoin and how does it work?

A good series of videos from BitcoinTacticat is doing the rounds explaining bitcoins in plain english.

Video Link

Donations (Charity)

I do not require any personal donations, I'm here to help customers like me and to be a small help to the success of Bitcoin.

If you do insist you want to donate, I have setup a generated a vanity bitcoin address which I will send all proceeds direct to Cancer Research UK. My father, sadly, lost his battle against Lung Cancer a few years ago so this is a very personal and worthy cause for us all to help beat it.

Cancer Research UK Donations: 1CancerUkky9X6YsGdS67EoUR84vHGhm8f

You can read about the good progress they have already made here.

Where's my bitcoin withdrawl?

Occasionally things can get stuck for various reasons. I've created a page to translate the mtgox withdrawls api older that 12 hours to try and put customers' minds at ease and show possibly why the transaction is delayed.

The page is here:

How to rebroadcast transactions missing from the blockchain

Single Transactions

Please follow the following guide to re-broadcast your single transaction:

My Transaction Won't Confirm!! Why?

There's two common reasons why a transaction might not confirm in a timely manner on the blockchain. First one is that ample transaction fee has not been added to the transaction. They will 'probably' be processed but they would not be a priority for miners and would take a long long time.

The second reason could be that the transaction contains coins which are too new to have transactions for them. The bitcoin protocol requires 100 network blocks to pass after a new coin has been created to see any transaction which contains it as valid. If you check the source bitcoin addresses on your transaction on and click 'output' next to it, you can see if its a new coin and which block it was created in. Now if you find the latest block in the chain just by going to and look at the top 'height' number at the top left, it will show you which block the network is on now. Simply take the block now from the block number of the coin created and if its < 100 then you will need to wait the difference in blocks for your transaction to become valid. Approx time between blocks is 8 mins.

Contributors additional to me: Ne0futur.


20/08/2013 SEPA Withdrawls Much Faster

An update today in IRC from MagicalTux regarding SEPA transfers:

[12:05] <xxx> So if I withdraw with SEPA now, I can expect to get it in about a week?

[12:05] <@MagicalTux> ypep

[12:05] <@MagicalTux> yep*

[12:05] <@MagicalTux> or sooner

[12:05] <@MagicalTux> (we're catching back)

[12:06] <xxx> nice, whats the planned time once backlog cleared, daily?

[12:06] <@MagicalTux> xxx: yes

05/08/2013 Gox Update (Includes announcements for LTC, New Trade Engines, Deposits and Withdrawls and Hardware Updates

03/08/2013 Tips for Withdrawls (Thanks Sturles from IRC)

You can withdraw JPY same day to a domestic Japanese bank account. I'm led to believe that anyone can get a bank account in Japan. Great option if you really need your Gox money now.

24/07/2013 Additional Clarification on current withdrawls from MtGox

International Transfers - Right now larger transfers of 5 digits or more are receiving priority over smaller transfers. Should you have multiple withdrawls underway, the value of these are added together and considered for this transfer priority.

SEPA Transfers - There are no official delays on SEPA transfers but, due to banking limits, larger transfers may still experience delays.

24/07/2013 Litecoin in July?

Extract from MtGox channel regarding Litecoin implementation in July.

[06:32] <xxxxx> MagicalTux is Mt.Gox still aiming to release Litecoin in July?

[06:38] <marionxd> xxxxx: no

This should not be taken as a never, however, simply that it won't be in July. For clarification, 'marionxd' is an MtGox employee.