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Monitoring tool for bitcoin mining. Developed in cooperation with bitcoin pool 50BTC


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To start the work choose the sign of gear in the settings, choose the necessary pool, enter API key, press OK and after that the program will start to show statistics. You can enter the keys for several pools, so you can choose the pool in the main window.

The program does not need installation, it can be dearchived and you can have it on flash drive. All the keys and settings can be saved in the configuration file. All the questions,remarks and suggestions about the program you can write in this thread.

Application features

  • Monitoring of the Bitcoin`s rate( with Mt.Gox)
  • Monitoring of the worker`s status (online/offline)
  • Monitoring of the pool score
  • Monitoring of the other settings, which pools give back on statistics
  • The time of the last share, the time of connecting to the pool, etc. is taken into account the time zone on your computer
  • Ability to save the width and position of the table columns

List of the supported pools

  • ABCPool
  • BitClockers
  • BTC Guild
  • BTC mine
  • Deepbit
  • EclipseMS
  • Itzod
  • Mkalinin
  • Mt.Red
  • OzCoin
  • Slush
  • TripleMining

Supported languages

  • English
  • Russian
  • German

Version hystory

Version 0.5.0:

In the balance window with the shortened information for BTCGuild appears "unpaid_rewards" instead of "total_rewards"

Version 0.4.9:

Formatted output balance and speed
Correct display of balance for BTCGuild

Version 0.4.8:

Fixed bug saving width and column positions
Added a separate display of invalid and stale shares for pool 50BTC

Version 0.4.7:

Fixed bug display workers Eclipse pool in "Custom" table

Version 0.4.6:

Fixed bug of choice "standard/custom window", "display of balance," "alignment of cells"

Version 0.4.5:

Added an optional choice of displaying the balance in the window on tray
Added optional ability to align the content of table cells in the center of the cell

Version 0.4.4:

Automatically change the width of the window with a summary

Version 0.4.3:

Added pool TripleMining
Added an optional choice of standard/custom application window
Ability to move a window with basic information on tray

Version 0.4.2:

Fixed display data in a twisted form of Deepbit and BTCMine
Improved exception handling in case of invalid input API key, incomplete data from the pool

Version 0.4.1:

Fixed bug rolling window

Version 0.4:

A summary table of workers from the different pools
Opportunity to close the window with the basic information above the tray
Minimization of the application to the taskbar, minimize to tray, close the application in the context menu
Changed the design of the application

Version 0.3:

API for Itzod was corrected. Now you need to enter UserName_Key for an API key
It is possible to minimize a window in tray and display the window with the basic information
Sound notification when connecting / disconnecting
To order the information click on the column header

Version 0.2:

Pools are added:
* ABCPool
* Mkalinin
* Itzod
The time of the last share, the time of connecting to the pool, etc. is taken into account the time zone on your computer
Ability to save the width and position of the table columns

Version 0.1:

The initial version of the program


Q: Why do I sometimes do not get the data with BTCGuild and on the top of the screen appears "Too often".
A: MTC Guild let get API not more than once per minute. If you frequently access to the API in the program "Mining Explorer", next to the course MtGox, displayed a red label "Too often".

Q: Why is there no field roundduration in the pool information .
A: There is no field Roundduration , because it displays the current time UTC +0, and not the duration of the round.

Q: Why is the information about the workers of the pool not displayed?
A: The pool gives the information only about the active workers. If there are no workers then there is nothing to give.

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