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Merlin's Maths Coins White Paper - Symbol: 'Merc'

Merlin's Maths Coins have three primary goals.

Foremost, they are to be a new method of advancing and trading mathematical knowledge so that the credit for their work goes to the mathematicians and programmers.

Merlin's Maths Coins will rise in value based on both mathematical breakthroughs and the discovery of rare mathematical objects. This is in keeping with the original, cryptographically-based alternative currencies, in that these discoveries are provable, unique, and impossible to counterfeit.

The first difference lies in the fact that while most crypto-currencies are based on arbitrary, rare objects, Merlin's Maths Coins commodities are based in real-world-applicable objects such as primes, Hadamard matrices, ternary complimentary pairs, and other useful objects.

Secondly, market value is bid on by people who can use these objects. TCPs can be used in signal jamming and filtering, so Raytheon may ascribe value to these. Primes are valuable because of their cryptographic uses among other things, and therefore might be ascribed value by a security firm.

Finally, new objects may not have an end-market use but may show potential and thus would have its value rise.

This system gives a positive feedback loop to mathematical research and development, as well as crediting those who pioneer maths or simply find rare objects.

Each concept and object type would constitute a commodity, and Merlin's Maths Coins are the currency in which they are traded in. This fits well into the larger market of alternative currencies and provides the world with a new sort of invaluable commodity.

Merlin's Maths Coins are fully scalable and can be regulated as needed to make sure that the economy is stable.

Not only is this an impenetrably strong market, it also benefits researchers worldwide in their pursuit of mathematical understanding and research.

Merlin's Maths Coins has started its pilot phase with leading Ph.D.s who are all ecstatic about the programme and are now really looking forward to seeing what new objects can now be discovered.

Merlin's Maths Coins are the most unique, and perhaps most important, research initiative the world has ever seen.

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