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Hyperion Xenoeconomical Technologies Organization

Hyperion is focused on bringing innovative, eco-friendly products to the market, creating waves of disruption within the current systems. Developing automated tools to provide efficiency and scalability, from an individual to enterprise level. By leveraging blockchain technology Hyperion enables a decentralized, self-sufficient, autonomous, trust-less ecosystem or 'smart market' to occur, giving new meaning to free market.

Based on the idea of a self-sufficient community, HyperionX will implement a consensus algorithm called Proof-of-Passion, or POP, onto the blockchain. This rewards users of the network based on their support and reputation. This POP algorithm will be the basis on which Peerion is developed.

Tree Blockchain

The custom, eco-friendly, self sustaining distributed network.

POP Consensus Algorithm

Benefits of utilizing the POP algorithm are as follows:

  1. Suitable for public networks.
  2. Does not depend on wealth.
  3. Eco-friendly - energy efficient.
  4. Does not depend on hardware capabilities.
  5. Incentivizes users to stay online by ranking them by their uptime.
  6. Incentivizes users to remain honest by ranking them by their reputation score.

As Peerion is built on a custom blockchain, it is necessary to design a consensus algorithm suitable for the Peerion Ecosystem.

The Peerion Ecosystem

Peerion uses blockchain technology to provide a trust-less free market ecosystem by leveraging smart contracts for autonomously managed peer-to-peer interactions. This creates a "smart market" within a decentralized network. Through a customized blockchain using a unique Proof-of-Passion algorithm, this will reward masternodes known as Mitochondria based on uptime and reputation, instead of wealth or advanced hardware. This enables the ecosystem to remain balanced and fair while providing a stable network for peers.

Smart Market

Peerion’s main hub will be an integrated autonomous, decentralized marketplace with powerful tools and features. The goal of Peerion is to automate all daily tasks for peers, while offering the best possible user experience.



TREE is needed for all internal operations inside of the Hyperion ecosystem.


This will be HyperionX’s token for utilization of future DApps developed by the organization on Tree Blockchain. Hyper Token will also be used within the Peerion Ecosystem for special features and powerful tools.

The Vision

“This project starts a long journey of helping to connect people on a global scale. Hyperion is contributing to the growth of a network of direct peer-to-peer trading, sharing and support. It is our mission to open people up to the benefits of decentralization and blockchain technology. Showing them a safer, more secure world that is incorruptible and is not dictated by the few, but is instead operated by the true consensus of the people. Guiding individuals to become self-sufficient and flourish, while helping support a network of growth.”

The Core Team

“We are dedicated to this project, fully endorse blockchain, and want to prove its potential. All of us on the team support freedom of choice and want to connect like minded individuals around the world. The human race is always searching for a better way, looking for life’s answers and trying to find connection with others. This is why we started this project and why we are supporting blockchain technology. We will stop at nothing until our mission is complete.”

The Message

“We are looking for people who understand our vision and want to help contribute to its growth. As a contributor, you solidify your place in our community and at the ground floor of a revolutionary project. This is the epitome of what blockchain and decentralization represents. Gathering small amounts of spare energy from individuals to help support something they themselves believe in. So, please support us by spreading the word of our project and please stay tuned for continued updates. This is our world and our future, it’s our time to make a difference... #withrootforce”


Litepaper v2.0 Whitepaper v2.2