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Hubi is a global digital asset exchange alliance, who created the world's first “Exchange Alliance 3.0” model, everyone is a Super Node. Hubi's exclusive “Platform + Alliance + Ecological” advantages provide global customers with one-stop trading platform with lower entry threshold, better services and higher liquidity.[1].

Main Functions

Currency Trading

Support currency trading of mainstream cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH, etc.

OTC Trading

Hubi's global alliance network and OTC Level 1 Trading Community find the best trade matchings for users, and provide users with a variety of Fiat Currencies and peer to peer OTC trading services of digital assets.

Derivative Trading

A variety of derivative trading will be opened, such as contract trading, option trading, etc.

Fees schedule

Standard of handling fees for currency transactions [2]

Currency Minimum withdrawal amount Single maximum withdrawal amount Maximum withdrawal amount per day Handling fee for withdrawal Handling fee for deposit
BTC 0.002 200 1000 0.001 Free
ETH 0.03 1000 10000 0.02 Free
BCH 0.03 200 1000 0.02 Free
EOS 100 10000 50000 1 Free
LTC 0.2 1000 5000 0.1 Free
USDT 200 60000 600000 10 Free
OMG 8 50000 100000 2 Free

Standard of handling fees for OTC Trading

1. Users who trade in the common trading area, then orders will be free of charge.

2. Merchants post advertising orders, then each order will be charged at an advertising fee of 0.5% of the transaction amount.

Exchange Token

HUB Eco-coin[3]

HUB eco-coin is issued in compliance by HB Global Blockchain Foundation Limited which is based in Singapore. As the global token connecting Hubi ecosystem, HUB carries the ecological rights, circulation and value attributes. The total amount of HUB issuance is constant at 5 billion, no private placement, no ICO and no additional issuances; No airdrops, no giveaways and no free access.

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