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The reference client currently refuses to relay transactions it considers unacceptable, such as those with zero or no fees. However, there may be miners who are willing to put these in a block. This group is for people who want to send such transactions, and those who want to put them in blocks.

To participate, have your node maintain a connection to Lightfoot Hosting's node, which relays indiscriminately. This means that you can broadcast your transaction to it, and it will relay it to any miner who also has a connection to it. If your transaction meets the policies of at least one miner connected, it should eventually be mined into a block.

How to use or participate

bitcoind / Bitcoin-Qt

Add the command-line parameter: -addnode=

If this IP address stops working you can find potential eligius nodes here:

Participating miners

Miner Minimum Fee (BTC) Cost per KB Non-standard Tx Other Policy Notes
Eligius 0.2 TBC (0.00008192 BTC) 0.2 TBC Yes 2 TBC/KB at larger sizes

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