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Firi, Inc.
IndustryeWallet, exchange
FoundedJune 01, 2017
HeadquartersOslo, Norway
Founder(s)Thuc Hoang, Øyvind Kvanes,
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Firi is a Norwegian crypto currency exchange, which allows users to exchange NOK for bitcoin and altcoins. Users can connect their Norwegian bank account to the exchange and deposit funds with express payments.

The service is currently limited to Norwegian citizens. All users must have a personal identification number issued by the Norwegian government.


Firi was founded in 2017, becoming one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges to enter the Norwegian market. In 2019 it registered with the Norwegian Financial Authority (Finanstilsynet), as an exchange service for digital currencies. According to Norwegian news website, the exchange had more than 170.000 active users per 2022.

Name change

September 5th, 2021, the exchange announced it was changing its name from MiraiEx to Firi. The word 'Firi' means lighttower in old norse, and is intended to illustrate the company's profile as a leader within the Norwegian crypto sphere.

Buy Bitcoin

Miraiex allows traders to buy bitcoin with the help of either NOK (Norwegian kroner), or altcoins. It has an open-end API for high volume traders that wish to act as market makers.

Informational links

Fees info Information on fees for deposits, withdrawals and exchange.

API documentation API instructions for custom applications and how to connect with the exchange service.

Fees for trading

Firi charges a flat fee of 0,7% for both sale and buy orders. Users were until recently granted a 5% cashback with each trade which is refunded at the end of the month.

Bank deposits and withdrawals are free.

History and background

Firi was conceptualized and founded in 2017, with the first beta version of the service going live in 2018. Founders include Øyvind Kvanes and Thuc Hoang.

An integral part of its service is the ability to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the help of "fast payments", in which transfers are credited within 60 minutes. [1].

According to Norwegian tech newspaper ITavisen, in 2021, MiraiEx collected 12 million NOK in a seed round, led by a group of Norwegian investors through a consortium named Skyfall ventures. It was revealed that the platform had more than 40.000 active traders. Since its inception, the platform has processed more than 1,1 Billion NOK in transaction volume, which equals roughly 120 million USD[2].

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