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Farooq is a self motivated entrepreneur and innovator, who specialises in Information Technology (IT). He helps small and medium sized businesses shape their offerings, products and creates strategies for distribution of them in the digital world.

Obsessed with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Farooq believes that bitcoin can change the world for good. He is also the Chairman of “The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan” that supports the growth of Bitcoin and blockchain companies via their network. Farooq owns a web development & design firm, based in Lahore, Pakistan.

Early Life

Farooq was born in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.


Farooq graduated from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore in 2014, majoring in Computer Sciences. He founded Arcift Technologies during his graduation and officially launched the business in June 2014 and started his career as an entrepreneur.


In 2008, Farooq started working online as a freelancer, created some online blogs and did writing gigs. During his graduation, he made websites for people and got paid that led him to found his web development agency in Pakistan.

Arcift Technologies

A couple years later after going to UET, Farooq started Arcift Technologies, a web development agency, using his tuition fee. The agency design websites for startups and SMEs. Farooq is actively working in the company and helping businesses with their online presence.

The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan

After the 2017 bull run, Farooq realized the need for a bitcoin community in Pakistan, he started The Bitcoin Association of Pakistan, the community is growing as the interest in crypto expands in the region.