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A Bitcoin currency exchange which operates a BTC/SEK market based in Sweden.



You specify the quantity of Bitcoins you wish to buy/sell at a price.<br\>

Once you have submitted a trade, the following chain of events take place : <br\>

1. FYB will try to fill your order with other pending orders at the same or better price than you indicated.<br\>

In other words if you try to buy 1BTC at 100kr, FYB will attempt to fill your order with the lowest selling price orders up till 100kr.<br\>

If there are sell orders below 100kr, you will be filled at a better rate.

2. If your entire order is filled, execution stops.<br\> If there is a partial fill(ie. only 0.8BTC could be bought at/below 100kr) then the remaining qty is listed as a pending order(Buy Pending Order 0.2BTC at 100kr)

Adding funds


There are no fees incurred when depositing bitcoins for deposit.<br\>

Deposited coins require 6 confirmations and are reflected in the account balance on the next login.


There is currently 1 supported method for SEK Deposits<br\>

Online Bank Transfer

A screenshot should always be taken and saved to resolve any potential issues.<br\>

Withdrawing funds


Bitcoins may be withdrawn for 0.0005BTC(includes Bitcoin Network fee).

SEK & Others(ie NOK/DKK/EUR etc)

There is no fee to withdraw SEK to almost any Bank account.


A fee of 0.8% is charged in the longed currency of any executed trade.


The exchange was launched on the 1st of July 2013.

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