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Historical Note Only

The BitcoinFactsWiki has been removed from its original location; Tom Zander being its originator has resigned from the -classic project and this resignation is likely reflected in the removal of projects like the BitcoinFactsWiki.

An Unusual Fork

The website represented by The Bitcoinfactswiki and announced in the Reddit story from its apparent creator here is not actually a "renamed" version of this site, but a plain fork, contrary to the claims in that story. The person behind it, Thomas Zander, is the (apparently only remaining,) developer of Bitcoin Classic.

The facts on Bitcoinfactswiki are in multiple cases wrong and the information thereon regarding technical information about Bitcoin appears to be politically-motivated and -edited. For example, as of this writing the page on Bitcoinfactswiki about nLockTime states:

This tag is deprecated and OP CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY is the suggested replacement.

This is incorrect. nLockTime is not deprecated nor is it insecure.[1]

It is likely that due to the obstacle that nLockTime presents to the hard-forking narrative, it is being downplayed as a technical objection and stated to be a deprecated function even though it has been an integral part of Bitcoin transaction structure almost from Bitcoin's inception. In particular, nLockTime (or lock_time based transactions) can be used as a form of escrow. In the event of certain forms of advocated hard forks, the result would be the confiscation and/or destruction of nLockTime based escrowed funds.