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A simpler interface to the bitcoin client for POS systems running Windows.

Press F2 - a QR window appears, then automatically disappears when payment is received and acknowledged.

Press F3 - a short history of transactions displays, making it easy to verify if the most recent payments were actually received.

Supports over 160 currencies with automatic rate conversion to bitcoin. Righ-click the tray icon to select your currency.

Uses a fresh bitcoin address for every transaction.

Run Bitcoin QR Popup.exe to start using this application.

  • Must have internet connected.
  • Must have bitcoin installed and running locally (remote support coming in the future).
  • Right-click the tray icon to exit the application.
  • Add it to startup for seamless integration.
  • Uses for hourly updated currency exchange rates.
  • Uses 24h weighted USD price from for bitcoin exchange rate.

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