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Bitcoin Express ( BTC Express ) is an iOS thin client for Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin Express can connect you to the bitcoin network in a second without downloading any blocks or headers. Once connected, you can do transactions immediately!

The project was announced on July 24, 2011[1].


  • Quickly and easily get up and running on bitcoin network.
  • Show balance of btc in your wallet on iPhone.
  • Do transactions with any other peer running Mac, Windows or Linux, etc.
  • Sending and receiving of Bitcoin via Bitcoin URLs.
  • Backup your wallet to your secure email.

Getting Started

↪Email your recieving address to others

Click and enter "My Address", choose a btc address as your recieving address, touch it. Click "email" on the popup menu, then send the recieving address to others via your Email.

↪Send btc to others via Bitcoin Address URL

When you received an email contains a Bitcoin Address URL, by just clicking the URL, BTC Express will automatically open and prepare to send btc to that address.

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