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Bitcoin Economy is a micro blog which provides a daily snapshot of the Bitcoin Economy.

The tweet currently is formatted as follows:

1 BTC = $?.?? USD, Size: ?.??M BTC, Last 24h: ?.??M BTC in ?.?K trx, Difficulty: ??.?K, Forum posts/day: ???, Nodes: ?.?K, #bitcoin

Each piece of data and the underlying source is described in the following table:

1 BTC = $?.?? USD Previous 24h weighted average BTC/USD obtained from Bitcoin Watch
Size: ?.??M Total currency issued obtained from Total size metric on Bitcoin Watch.
Lat 24h: ?.??M BTC in ?.?K trx Bitcoins sent and Transactions last 24h from Bitcoin Watch.
Difficulty Difficulty rating from Bitcoin Watch.
Forum posts/day: ??? New posts per day statistic from "Forum History" data in forum's Statistics Center
Nodes: ?.?K Listening nodes (answering to version message) as reported using value for "Last" from Bitcoin Peer to Peer Network Listening Servers from RowIT
#bitcoin Twitter hashtag - for traffic generation.


2012-03-05 The metric reported for Nodes change from being "active nodes" as determined by BTCStats to the "Listening Nodes" metric from RowIt.

2011-03-08 The metric reported for Nodes changed from being total nodes to only "up" nodes, after address spam made the total an unreliable metric[1].

2011-02-05 The metric Forum posts/day was changed from being average per-day to New posts per-day (prev 24h period).

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