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AgoraDesk is a peer-to-peer over-the-counter (P2P OTC) cryptocurrency exchange. It was created by the same team behind LocalMonero, Monero's equivalent of LocalBitcoins.[1]


Much like LocalBitcoins, AgoraDesk allows people from any country to use any payment method and any currency to trade Bitcoin. Every online trade has protection, where the Bitcoin seller's funds will be reserved until the end of the trade, which mitigates counterparty risk.

There are no KYC, AML, or identity verification requirements to use the service, and traders can choose any medium of exchange, including cash. AgoraDesk places a large emphasis on user privacy. An E-mail address is not required during registration. IP addresses are not associated with user accounts. AgoraDesk doesn't require the use of JavaScript to operate, completely mitigating the overwhelming majority of web vulnerabilities, which are dependent upon JavaScript. AgoraDesk also has a Tor portal and I2P portal.

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