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Evolution is undisputed fact and singly states: organisms change over time. The dominant theory explaining this observed change is natural selection. An unfixed theory, revised and tinkered since inception.

Darwin's survival of the fittest, the first iteration, postulated nature to be a gigantic deadly embrace of individuals fatally competing for limited resources. Only the best survive; winners take all. But theory did not mesh with observation. Having the individual at the centre of natural selection explained the majority of developments in nature. But not all.

Hymanopterian social structure was a chronic migraine for Darwin. Ants self assemble large organisations enterprising homely megastructures from dirt. Yet detrimentally to themselves, disobeying Darwin's fundamental rule of self preservation.

  • the next usurping of established evolutionary thought occured with dawkin's book, "the selfish gene". dawkins argued that evolution did not happen on the individual, but the gene level.
  • dawkins gene centred view the selfish gene
  • resolution o paradoxes
  • social insects and relatedness
  • sex. reciprocity- examples of groups warning of predators at -ev cost to themselves
  • anecdotal contrary evidence. altruistic selflessness
  • chimps adopting orphans. human self sacrifice jumping on grenade. hippo protect antel de croc.
  • dawkins blames gene misfiring.
  • multilevel hypothesis
  • predicted by computer models and thought experiments
  • elegantly explains development of social species without need of crutches like gene misfiring
  • how sex developed (net loss for individual/gene but gain for group)
  • fits early human model of wandering tribes
  • current consensus of researchers.
  • not everyone thinks nat sel is only driver.
  • sex sel
  • sym breaking in a gas. genetic drift
  • sexual selection
  • recursive vs linear equationns
  • parameters. (chaos theory map)
  • cellular automata.
  • small initial changes => small changes in outcome
  • pass critical boundary
  • prop changes wildly larger disproportionate outcomes
  • rice pile model. critical point like snow on hillside causing avalanche. forests in australia or thermal chem
  • horse zebra stripes
  • fitness landscape and fitness function. explains ability to pass area of lower fitness

other tb placed

  • phyletic gradualism (dawkins) vs punctuated evolution (gould)
  • rk selection. pt extinction lystrosaurus
  • cialdini reasons we act based on self image to be congruent. which he terms "consistency".
  • if u found single sole motivator for human behaviour u would win noble prize
  • expl
  • past att game theory in 20s we as selfish rational agents
  • pris dilemme

genecentr. contradictions-> multilvel hypothesis.

natsel -> sexsel -> emergent phenomena -> cellular automata.