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Confirming transaction with TREZOR

TREZOR is a hardware wallet providing security for your bitcoins by virtue of its design while retaining convenience of use. No matter whether you're a beginner or a security-paranoid geek.

Unlike a cold storage (offline storage or paper wallet), TREZOR is also able to send bitcoins in a secure way. Without the need to expose your private keys to a potentially compromised computer.

More on the security principles here:

How does it work?

TREZOR is basically a small computer. It is designed to protect your private keys from possible online and offline risks. In order to do this, TREZOR keeps the private keys away from the Internet and confirms the transactions in-device. That way you can always check the screen for the right address, amount and transaction fee before sending your bitcoins.

In layman's terms you can connect TREZOR to an infected computer and still be able to have 100% control over the funds in your device.

Read more on difference between TREZOR and other solutions:


TREZOR needs an online wallet or other client as a user interface. To ensure validity of communication between the device and the interface TREZOR uses pin scrambling matrix. See more here.

Have a look how easy and comfortable it is to send transactions:

Make sure that the receiving address you have provided to someone else has not been changed by infected computer. Feature "Show on TREZOR" has been developed exactly for this purpose:

It is also possible to sign and verify messages using TREZOR:

Backup and recovery

Upon first activation you are asked to write down the seed phrase.

This means that in case your TREZOR is lost or stolen you can easily retrieve your coins to another TREZOR or any recovery seed compatible wallet.