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==Medium to Large amounts==
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The best rates for selling medium to large amounts of bitcoins generally when withdrawing from an exchange using a cash method such as a bank transfer (ACH, EUR/SEPA) or through [[Liberty Reserve]] even.
{| class="wikitable"
| Exchange || Type || Adding Funds || Withdrawing Funds || [[eWallet]] || Notes
|  [[MtGox]] || Market || BTC<br/>Liberty Reserve USD<br />USD (bank wire)<br />USD (ACH)<br />EUR (SEPA bank wire) || BTC<br />Liberty Reserve USD<br />USD (ACH Direct Deposit)<br />EUR (SEPA bank wire) || {{Table Value Yes}} || Restrictions and limits on withdrawals.
|  [[TradeHill]] || Market || USD (bank wire)<br />USD (Dwolla)<br />CLP (bank transfer)<br />PEN (bank transfer)<br />INR (bank transfer)<br />Liberty Reserve USD || USD (bank wire)<br />USD (Dwolla)<br />CLP (bank transfer)<br />INR (bank transfer)<br />Liberty Reserve USD || {{Table Value Yes}} ||
|  [[Britcoin]] || Market || BTC<br />GBP (bank deposit)<br /> || BTC<br />GBP (bank deposit)<br /> || {{Table Value Yes}} ||
|  [[Btcex]] || Market || BTC<br />USD (international wire)<br />EUR (bank transfer)<br />JPY (bank transfer)<br />RUS (RUB, Yandex, WebMoney) || BTC<br />USD (international wire)<br />EUR (bank transfer)<br /> || {{Table Value Yes}} || USD handled in Switzerland.<br />EUR through Finland (SEPA)<br />RUS (RUB, Yandex, WebMoney).
|  [https://www.virwox.com VirWoX] || Market || BTC<br/>SLL (Second Life)<br/>ACD (Avination)<br/>OMC (OpenSim)<br/>USD,EUR,GBP,CHF ([[PayPal]])<br/>USD,EUR,GBP (Credit & Debit cards via [[Moneybookers]])<br/>USD,EUR,GBP ([[NETELLER]])<br/>EUR (DIRECTebanking / Sofortüberweisung)<br/>USD,EUR,GBP,CHF ([[paysafecard]])<br/>EUR (SEPA bank wire) || BTC<br/>SLL (Second Life)<br/>ACD (Avination)<br/>OMC (OpenSim)<br/>USD,EUR,GBP,CHF ([[PayPal]])<br />USD,EUR,GBP ([[Moneybookers]])<br/>USD,EUR,GBP ([[NETELLER]])<br/>EUR (SEPA bank wire) || {{Table Value Yes}} || Trading through Second Life Linden Dollars (highly liquid). See [[VirWoX]] article for instructions on how to buy and sell bitcoins.<br/>Variable limits on PayPal and Credit Card deposits.
==Small amounts==
For smaller amounts conversion fees are usually too expensive. Thus other methods are usually a better choice. The following exchanges will enable you to redeem smaller amounts of bitcoins at reasonable rates:
* [[Bitcoin Argentina]] — Trades BTC for ARS. Cash and bank transfer. No exchange fees.
* [[BitcoinExchange Services]] - Cash out your Bitcoins to PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, prepaid debit cards, Visa gift cards, or gift cards to ALL major businesses, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.
* [[Britcoin]] Trade your BTCs for GBP on the exchange.
* [[Bitcoin 2 Credit Card]] purchase virtual VISA prepaid cards with bitcoins
* [[Bitcoin2Cash]] Redeems bitcoins with cash mailed to you
* [[Bitcoin 4 Cash]] Redeems bitcoins with cash mailed to you
* [[Nanaimo Gold]] Redeem bitcoins for Liberty Reserve (automated) or for money transfer, money order or direct deposit within Canada.
* [[Bitcoin Brasil]] Cash exchange that redeems bitcoins for BRL, USD.
* [[Bitcoin Morpheus]] purchase reloadable debit cards with bitcoins
* [[Bitcoin Market]] Trade your BTCs for MoneyBookers, Liberty Reserve or Pecunix.
* [[BitMarket.eu]] Trade your BTCs for EUR, GBP and PLN (SEPA bank transfer).
* [[Bitcoin.com.es]] Trade your BTCs for EUR (Bank transfer).
* [[Bitcoil]] Trade your BTCs for ILS (Israeli New Shekel). Proceeds received through bank transfer.
* [[Bitomat]] Trade your BTCs for PLN on the exchange.
* [[bitcoin.local]] arranges for exchanging currencies in person with someone nearby
* [[Bitcoin Cashout]] purchase virtual prepaid cards with bitcoins
* [[bitcoin-otc]] IRC trading marketplace will usually have people willing to deal for small and larger amounts using various payment methods, including [[PayPal]], [[Dwolla]], [[Linden Dollars]], etc.
* [[btcbuy]] Simple interface to trade your BTCs for Amazon or NewEgg gift cards
==See Also==
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* [[Comparison of exchanges article]]

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