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PayJoin is a privacy improvement for bitcoin. Payjoin solves the sole privacy problem left open in the Bitcoin whitepaper, that transactions with multiple inputs "necessarily reveal that their inputs were owned by the same owner," because both the sender and receiver of a transfer contribute inputs to the transaction.

Transaction surveillance companies heavily depend on the common input ownership assumption which is broken by PayJoin transactions. So if those transactions became even a little bit widespread they could massively decrease the reliability of blockchain surveillance. Those who adopt PayJoin would find their privacy improved from strangers analyzing the blockchain. For example a surveillance company spy would find it much harder to figure out which addresses and transactions belonged to a particular merchant that was using PayJoin, or who else transacted to them.

PayJoin transactions can be made indistinguishable from regular bitcoin transactions by design, so it's very hard to get an accurate number for how common they are.

The most widely adopted PayJoin protocol standard is BIP 0078.

Planned The developers said they plan to
Non-BIP78 Implements a form of PayJoin but not BIP78
Extension Can PayJoin using additional software
Yes Feature has been released

Software Wallets

Name Sending Receiving Notes
Armory No No
bcoin No No
BDK-CLI Live Draft Evaluating
Bitcoin Core Extension Extension Beta CLI payjoin-client via RPC, native support under evaluation
Bitcoin Knots Extension Extension Beta CLI payjoin-client via RPC
Bitcoin Wallet for Android No No
BitMask Yes No Chrome extension only
Blink (Bitcoin Beach Wallet) Evaluating Evaluating
Blixt Wallet Evaluating Evaluating
Blockstream Green No No
BlueWallet Yes Planned
Brainbow Evaluating Evaluating
Breadwallet No No No No
BTCPay Server Yes Yes
Casa No No
CLN DFC DFC dual funded channels Evaluating BIP 78 support
Coinomi No No
Eclair DFC DFC dual funded channels
Electrum Planned Planned
Envoy Evaluating No
Fedimint Evaluating Evaluating
FireBolt Planned Planned
Fully Noded Evaluating Evaluating
Gordian Wallet Evaluating Evaluating
Guarda Wallet No No
JAM Planned Planned roadmap issue
JoinMarket Yes Yes
Liana No Evaluating payjoin for automatic timelock refresh
LND Extension Extension nolooking bip 78 web app alpha, Non-BIP78 dual funding via BoS
Mutiny Wallet Planned Evaluating "payer side" planned
Mycelium No No
Nunchuk Evaluating Evaluating
Phoenix No Evaluating BIP 78 payjoin issue
Samourai Wallet Cahoots Cahoots
Sparrow Wallet Yes Cahoots,
Specter Desktop Evaluating Evaluating
Stack Wallet Evaluating Evaluating
Trezor Suite Evaluating Evaluating
Trust Wallet No No
Vortex Evaluating Evaluating
Wasabi Wallet Yes Evaluating receiver draft
Zeus Planned Planned on feature roadmap

Software Libraries

Name Sending Receiving Notes
PDK Yes Yes
bitcoin-s Evaluating Evaluating

Hardware Wallets

Name Signing Notes
Coldcard Yes Hardware can sign bip78 payjoins and also
SeedSigner Yes
Trezor Model One Yes
Trezor Model T Yes

Payment processors

Name Receive Notes
BTCPay Yes First implementer of BIP78 payjoin for merchants.
SatSale Planned


P2P exchanges make the most sense as early adoptors of PayJoin. All exchanges are welcome on this list of course.

Name Send to exchange Receive from exchange Notes
AgoraDesk No No
Bisq No No
Boltz Evaluating Evaluating
Bull Bitcoin Planned Planned
Hodl Hodl Planned Planned
LocalBitcoins No No
LocalCoinSwap No No
LocalCryptos No No No No
Portico Exchange Evaluating Evaluating Yes No For "To send" choose "Bitcoin PayJoin"


Name Receive URL Notes Yes
Human Rights Foundation Yes
Waxwing's personal donation page Yes
Max Hillebrand's donation page Yes


Bitcoin casinos are very natural early-adopters of PayJoin. An early protocol specification for it, called bustapay, was created by the owner of a bitcoin casino.

Name Send to Receive Notes
Bustabit No No


Name Receive Notes
Aupa Beef Bars Yes
Ideas Like Flames Yes
The Kratom Syndicate Yes
Namecheap Yes buy domains with BTCPayServer
Satoshi Coffee Co. Yes