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====== Welcome to the Bitcoin Wiki ====== This wiki is made to help both users and developers. See our getting started article, on how to get started. You can get a full list of articles [[1]]. ====== For Users ====== Here is a small list of what you might be looking for: * How to get started * What are Bitcoins? * Where to spend your hard earned Bitcoins * Some Frequently Asked Questions which are not covered by the official FAQ * How to help ====== For Developers ====== * Configuring and running Bitcoin/bitcoind * How to use bitcoind, the headless client * How to use the API, JSON-RPC * The Accounts API * How does it work ? Blocks and transactions and difficulty and such. * What is a block? * Specification documents and technical details about bitcoins * Bitcoin Miners: An attempt to collect all possible miners for Bitcoin generation and their respective requirements. * How to help ===== Other languages ===== Esperanto PortuguEs brasileiro