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Heaven Sent Gaming
Heaven Sent Gaming's logo.png
IndustryComics, games, music, novels, video, and web entertainment.
HeadquartersAlbuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America
Founder(s)Mario J. Lucero and Isabel Ruiz

Heaven Sent Gaming is a publisher of their own original productions, they have released content across multiple media formats. They have been supporters of the Bitcoin community since 2009, and have been accepting crypto-donations since then.



  • Reverie, a slice-of-life comic strip that's a in the same vein as Peanuts (Charlie Brown/Snoopy).
  • Thad's World Destruction: Before Destruction, an Original English Language manga.
  • BladeChick, a super-heroine action comic that has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type split-personality heroine.
  • Mouton, a super-hero action comic with a fat/heavily-muscled hero.
  • Koki'o Shade and Monkey, a samurai and ninja series starring Barack Obama and George W. Bush.


  • Balance, a puzzle game released during their college projects with "Our Own Little Coup".


  • All We Are by Life Never Lost, a demo album by a Christian band.
  • Mario J. Lucero's country and rock music.


  • Many: The Blog of a Space Probe, a science-fiction slice-of-live travel-log of a futuristic space-probe.
  • Craft, a fantasy-adventure story.
  • Iron, a western with an interdemensional travelling cowboy.


  • HSGplays, a let's play video series.
  • Mario's vlog, a vlogging video series.


  • aywv, a gaming news publication.
  • BitDonate, defunct, was a pseudo-game that recommended a random Bitcoin address, for charities like the Red Cross and Salvation Army. It raised over a thousand US Dollars worth of Bitcoin for various charities.