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Here is a list of organizations that accept bitcoin donations. Only notable donation-accepting sites should be added here.

Organization Purpose Donation Page [Free Open Source] Turn Based Strategy Game Played Online Against Other People. Master your beasts! [1] News about Anonymous actions and operations [2] Digital archive of public domain media, original open/free media and historical website backups [3] Open news platform for Anonymous [4]
awesome Window manager for X11 [5]
BBC iPlayer Notifier Email and Google Talk notification of new content available on BBC iPlayer [6] Teaching debt prevention by placing educational ads, supporting debt prevention groups, and providing online resources [7]
Backbox Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux distribution for perform penetration tests and security assessments for ethical hacking [8]
BitCharity Hub for donating to charities using Bitcoin [9]
Bitcoinspot Dutch website and forum about Bitcoins, how to acquire and how to use them. [10]
Bluetile Tiling window manager for GNOME [11]
Brmlab, hackerspace The first hackerspace in the Czech Republic [12]
Center for a Stateless Society Builds public awareness of, and support for, market anarchism [13] Cheat/round-up/reference cards/guides/sheets for programming languages and software [14]
Chamba Project An effort to create a Swathanthra (Free/Libre/Open/Mukt) Animation Movie by pooling in contributions from people around the world and funding artists directly. [15]
Consumer - Merchant Trust Project An initiative to increase trust between Consumer and Bitcoin Merchants. Proceedspay for hosting, ads, etc. [16]
Convergence Agile, distributed, and secure strategy for replacing certificate authorities. [17]
Creative Commons Bibliothek Creative Commons and Public Domain library. Includes book source code for easy reprinting with custom layout. Local groups produce paper versions for lending. [18]
Cryto Coding Collective Host for IRC and web for free/libre software and cultural projects [19]
Decrypted Matrix Blog on science, society, nature, politics etc. [20]
Degenernet Radio Online radio station dedicated independent music from all genres [21]
Diaspora Foundation Developers and hosts of a distributed "social network" [22]
Digital Precursor Website and Forum dedicated to scientific learning (particularly energetics) [23]
Doppelstern Antispam Doppelstern Antispam signatures for ClamAV [24]
DOSBox An x86 emulator with DOS [25] USA federal government downsizing movement [26]
Early Intervention Program at SPICES Non-profit organization providing services to children with learning disabilities since 1997 [27]
Encyclopedia Dramatica 4chan's Wikipedia [28]
Erowid Portal on psychoactive plants and chemicals, meditation, lucid etc. [29]
Eudemocracia NGO Dedicated to the creation of a modern form of government that combines direct democracy and internet. [30]
Expanton Occupy Wall Street Support [31] Organizing & Planning Tool [32]
Forban Filesharing protocol for local area networks [33]
FreedomBox Foundation Non-profit turning small plug computers into personal servers that guard your privacy, anonymity and security. [34]
Freenet Project The Free Network [35]
Free Software Foundation Worldwide advocate for software freedom and host organization for the GNU Project. [36]
Free Talk Live Help spread the message of liberty by donating to a liberty leaning nationally syndicated radio show! [37]
Freedomain Radio Online philosophical conversation about freedom, religion, the state, and the family [38]
FreeHAL a self-learning artificial intelligence available as free software [39] Free Open Source Game Development Organization [40]
GentleLAN Since many years free private LANs in Bremen / Germany [41]
GirlsGoneBitcoin Girls gone wild with bitcoin accepting donations! [42]
Group B Strep International Promoting GBS Awareness Worldwide [43]
HackBloc on Reddit Hacktivism, Crypto-anarchy, Darknets. [44]
Heaven Sent Gaming Heaven Sent Gaming is a new media entertainment group founded by Mario Lucero and Isabel Ruiz, in 2006, as a game development team. [45]
Help Linux Russian language Linux support [46]
Juice Rap News Juice Rap News - the news show for the Internet nation, delivering a bulletin to restore your faith in the fourth estate, make you nod your head to the beat even as you shake it in disbelief. [47]
I2P Anonymous Network Anonymising network similar to tor [48]
Intercom - Emergency Communications Division We Build Censorship Resistant Phone and Communications Networks [49]
Italian Pirate Party Italian Pirate Party - Associazione Partito Pirata Italia [50]
Lifeboat Foundation Organization for scientific advancements and against harm from technological progress [51]
Lorea A distributed and federated organization working on pushing open source for social networking, social economy and autonomy of the people. [52]
Los Angeles Biohackers Grass-roots biotechnology lab in downtown Los Angeles [53]
Los Angeles Indymedia User-generated left-wing news. [54]
LÖVE An open source 2D game engine that uses the Lua programming language. [55]
M.A.R.S. Radio Commercial-free alternative rock online radio station [56]
Nikki and the Robots Cute cross-platform open source platformer game by Joyride Labs [57]
Open Transactions Easy-to-use, Financial Crypto and Digital Cash Library. [58] Produces and hosts freely licensed art for use in open source games [59]
Openwall Project Development of information security related free software, information security research, publications, and community activities aimed at making existing free software safer to use. [60]
Operation Anonymous Anonymous Political Group [61]
OrganicDesign A group developing methods and tools to support open-source bottom-up peer-to-peer governance for the people [62] Music from the other side of the universe [63]
Partido Liberal Libertario Libertarian Party of Argentina [64]
P2P Foundation Researching, documenting and promoting peer to peer practices [65] Darcs and gitit wiki hosting for open source projects [66]
Pioneer One TV series funded purely through donations [67]
PiraX Hacker collective and web-tool pioneers. [68]
Plankhead Free/open source media and arts organization [69]
Plaztika Virtual art space. Non-profit/runs on donations. New artists are welcome to join. [70]
PrivacyBox System for anonymous and non-trackable contact forms [71]
Project Hidden Treasure Promotes Bitcoin to new users by 'hiding' them in Geocaches. Also explains Bitcoin use and security. [72]
Prometheus Fusion Perfection Open source nuclear fusion research [73]
Protest Barrick A global campaign against the world's largest gold miner [74]
Queeky an online drawing community with special drawing tools and creative users from all around the world [75]
ReactOS Free open source Windows-compatible operating system [76]
Recycles.Org Nonprofit Recycling and ReUse Network - Nationwide (USA) technology exchange clearinghouse for nonprofits [77]
Ripple Payment system based on trust networks [78]
Riseup Anti-capitalist collective [79]
RusInfo Russian info agency [80]
The Seasteading Institute To further the establishment and growth of permanent, autonomous ocean communities, enabling innovation with new political and social systems. [81]
Singularity Institute Artificial Intelligence [82] Audio recordings of phone pranks under Creative Commons [83]
SparkleShare A Free and Open Source host it yourself replacement for file syncing services like Dropbox. It uses the distributed version control system Git as a backend. [84]
Stowarzyszenie Więcej Demokracji Association for direct democracy in Poland [85]
Sugar Labs Free/open sourcee education/learning software [86]
Sun City Ukrainian centre for children in difficult circumstances [87]
Symphony of Science A musical project headed by John Boswell, to deliver scientific knowledge in musical form. [88]
Tahoe-LAFS A distributed filesystem with funky redundancy properties [89]
Tangorin Japanese Dictionary Free online Japanese dictionary in development since October 2007 by a former Japanology student. [90]
Technitium Freeware MAC Address Changer [91] Alternative news and articles [92]
The Experiments A rock / punk band who's music is free to download and licensed under the Creative Commons [93]
The Icarus Project A mutual aid/peer support organization dedicated to radical mental health [94]
ThePythonGameBook Free CC/GPL licensed wikibook to learn open source game programming in Python [95]
TN3T LLC TOR Project TN3T LLC operates 2 TOR exit nodes. [96]
TorChat A serverless encrypted anonymous instant messenger running on top of the Tor network [97] Runs Tor relays and bridges [98]
Vaizard institute Backing people who want to make the world a better place by making their ideas real. [99]
Wikileaks Whistleblower website [100]
WL Central News, analysis and actions related to Wikileaks [101]
Waking Up Movie Project Humanist collaborative film project [102]
Wikispooks An encyclopedia of deep political structures and events [103]
420chan Imageboard community [104]