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(Foundations: I can assure everyone that our organization is not requested on IRC previously to remove our own site which is displayed on this page since 27 June 2015‎. I readding Human Rights Foundation to the list of Foundations accepting Bitcoin.)
(Move Human Rights Foundation from the Foundation section to the NGOs. Hopefully other NGOs who working on the same field will notice it more easily.)
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|title=Human Rights Foundation
|topic=Human Rights

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Here is a list of organizations that accept bitcoin donations. Only notable donation-accepting sites should be added here. Additions must include a reputable 3rd-party source for verification. Do not donate to organizations and projects that you cannot verify are legitimate.

If you want to accept bitcoin donations for your organisations read the guide Receiving donations with bitcoin.


Name Topic
Blendernation 3D, blender
Project gooseberry 3D, animation, blender


Name Topic
XKCD comic, nerdism
Heaven Sent Gaming multimedia


Name Topic
Human Rights Foundation Human Rights
Jaunimo linija emotional and psychological support for youth
Krizių įveikimo centras emotional and psychological support
Fundraising "Children nd Food" fights hunger in the world
Omni Nano pre-collegiate nanotechnology education (non-profit)
War Child Canada humanitarian aid for war-affected children (non-profit)

Open source

BTC is getting more and more popular at open projects due to its own open nature.

Name Topic
arkOS raspberry, linux, decentralize
awesome WM linux, X11, window manager
Apache Foundation Open Source Software ready for business use
Backbox linux, distro, hacking
Bluetile WM linux, X11, window manager
Cryptocat mail, crypto
Dia linux, windows, drawing, sketch, CAD
Dokuwiki wiki
Dosbox emulator, DOS, x86
Duplicati backup, cloud
Etherpad collaboration, selfhosting
F-Droid android, repository, open source
GIMP drawing, photos
Gource VCS, animation, git, svn, art
FarmBot farming, automatisation
FreeBSD unix, OS
FreeHAL A.I.
Freenet anonymity, decentralisation
Haiku OS OS, BeOS
Libre.fm music, creativecommons, radio
LibreOffice office suite
Linux Mint Linux, distro, Debian
Loomio discussion, decission, crowdsourcing, community
Mediagobblin video, hosting, distributed
Megaglest gaming
MuseScore music, music notation, sheet music
OpenELEC OS, HTPC, multimedia, raspberry
opengameart.org creative commons, art, gamedev
OpenStreetMap maps, open data
OsmAnd maps, Android
Piwik tracking, hosting
TOR anonymity, P2P, routing
TOR chat anonymity, TOR, chat
TOR servers anonymity, TOR, hosting
Piratelinux linux, distro, hacking
RaspBMC linux, distro, htpc, multimedia, raspberry
Replicant Android,linux, distro
VideoLAN multimedia, player
Wikispead car, vehicle
Yacy search engine, distributed


Name Topic
Bitcoin Foundation
Blender Foundation blender, 3D
citizenweb redistribute, dezentralize
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Freedombox Foundation wifi
Freedom of the press Foundation press, journalism, whistleblowing,
Free Network Foundation (FNF) wifi, crypto
Free Software Foundation (FSF) open source
Fundación Bitcoin Colombia Expand Bitcoin in Colombia
Gnome Foundation open source, Desktop, Linux
Mozilla Foundation open source, browser, email
ReactOS Foundation windows, kernel, open source
RU4ME Pet Rescue, Inc pet rescue...look for Bitcoin button on bottom of page
Wikimedia Foundation wikipedia, open knowledge
BitHope Foundation environment, health, social, micro charity campaigns



Name Topic
FreeSnowden activism, whistleblowing
Sea Shepherd environment, whaling
Sigil Social Foundation domestic violence, behavioral health counseling for lower income families
The pirate bay copyright, warez
Students for Life @ University of Arizona (SFL@UA) pro-life student club, affiliate of Students for Life of America
Jindal Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship social entrepreneurship, empowering women, digital skills training
Name Topic
riseup.net hosting, activism
Wikileaks activism, whistleblower


Name Topic
Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Church church, religion, uu, unitarian, universalist